Practicing Positive Thinking Rocks


If you have ever uttered anything like these statements and questions, then A Life Of Light is exactly what you are looking for


  • Why Me?
  • If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.
  • I knew I shouldn’t have done that
  • What was I thinking?
  • I can’t believe this is happening to me AGAIN
  • My life sucks raw eggs
  • I hate the person that I am
  • Why does everybody hate me?

The reason that you do is because you were taught to think that way. Our world is primarily drenched in negativity. And because the law Of Attraction is at work all the time, the more we think about negative things showing up in our lives, the more they tend to show up.


We’ll show you how to use positive thinking to change your life


It doesn’t matter what country you live in or what culture you grew up in, the world is full of negativity. It’s what we see on the news, it’s what is taught in our schools, it’s the stuff that gets shared and passed on and liked on all the social media channels.

YouTube has entire channels dedicated to nothing but videos of seeing people fail at all kinds of things. Our TV programs teach negativity and bitterness as core values to get along in our world. The most famous screen heroes are fierce, bitter, and angry.

There are endless TV “reality” shows teaching humiliation as a virtue.

Bullies are everywhere in our society, in our schools, at our jobs, on the streets. All trying to be the meanest and the toughest and the most powerful.


We’ll show you how to use the Law Of Attraction in a simple way


You want more of what you want, not more of what you are afraid is going to show up in your life. We write positively, speak positively, post positive images, and photos and videos, link to positive websites online and create positive services, products and courses all designed to help people add more positivity into their lives.


Positive Cool Things You Can Do Right Now

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You do not need to spend another single second lost in negativity. You are not going to feel better by feeling worse. Because the world does not work that way.

Like attracts like. Positivity attracts more positivity.

The world is a very awesomely wonderful place and when you see it that way, it is amazing how good you feel.

Have a wonderful day today, you deserve it.