Zombie Days

Living in the present moment post

Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. Samhain. Witches. Ghosts. Zombies.

*Note to the reader. This article is about living in the present moment, like many of the articles here at ALifeOfLight.com, it just looks different. But in fact it does contain a most excellent message about life, light and positivity.

Zombies are everywhere these days and most times all in good fun. Lots of small children and even some “big in size, but kids at heart” children gather in groups, searching the quiet darkened streets for treasures and treats.

Wonderful traditions, easy going fun, maybe a little bit of eeriness in the air, but in general a time of frivolity for all.

"That’s cool", I hear you thinking, "but what does this have to do with A Life Of Light? It doesn’t really sound like a regular light-hearted story of light and positivity." Just keep on reading for a moment and you will see how all the parts get connected.

So let’s think about zombies for a minute here.

Those undead nightmare monsters, are doomed to live (or not live, as the case may be) forever. Stumbling around the world, scaring regular living people half to death, in search of brains, creating a break - a disconnect - in the normal flow of life.

How Life Usually Happens

  1. People are born.

  2. They live their lives.

  3. Then they pass.


It's smooth, it's easy, everyone understands it even if they might not want to admit it, and as a whole, this system works well this way.

zombie sand

Just to Cause Trouble

But then, here come the zombies, bringing with them big shovelfuls of sand and grit and deliberately throwing them into the smoothly working, well oiled cycle of life and death. They have already lived, and died, and now are shuffling around the earth, doomed to wander, and destroying the normal way that energy flows.


Zombies Interrupt The Natural Flow Of Life Energy

Zombies are not really alive; they are forced into a caricature of life. Into a badly fitting horrible sort of second rate existence. If you take a regular person and stand them up next to a zombie, you can immediately tell the difference.

There would be no doubt in your mind

But you would know EASILY in the twinkling of an eye, and there would be no doubt in your mind . . .

  • Which one was the real person alive and full to the brim with vim and vigor
  • And which one was the zombie, standing there in a bad imitation of real life powered by someone else's energy, trying for all the world to pretend like they fit in.


No doubt about being able to tell the difference in the least.

Which brings us to the connecting of the parts and living in the present moment

Every day we wake up and we have energy for the day. Now, true enough, we might have more energy on some days and less on others but there is no doubt that we have some. We know this because we know we are alive. And there is no doubt in our minds that we are so.

And we get to choose that day, in that very present moment and in a succession of present moments that we experience as we live through that day, how we are going to spend our daily energy.

In happiness, and joy and gratitude, living each of the day’s present moments as they present themselves in succession.


We could spend our new freshly arrived days trying our darndest to use our current supply of present moments to re-animate our past days to make them be something different than they were.

And if someone had the opportunity to watch you as you were using your life energy to sail through a beautiful line of present moments, or working hard to make your already past days appear as though they were alive; do you really think they would have any problem telling the difference between

  • You enjoying each wonderful present moment of the delightful day you are living in right now
  • Or you struggling desperately with a day from your past that you are trying to re-animate into a zombie day?


They would be able to tell the difference easily

And so would you



That is why when you are living in the present moment, your days are light and free and fabulous. And when you grit your teeth in a determined attempt to revive the "already lived once" days of your past, it feels entirely different.

Living in the present moment prepares you for a delightful day today and even more delightful experiences tomorrow. Living in the zombie days of your past, does nothing for you but suck the energy out of the day you are living in right now and send it back in time.

And you know what, you already lived through that old day once.

Time to use your energy to live today, a beautiful wondrous experience, filled to overflowing with extraordinary and delightful present moments.

Have a wonderful day today, you deserve it.

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107 Comments on “Zombie Days”

  1. Leslie Denning

    Hi Michael. I hate zombies, but I love this article. I have had periods when I let past mistakes drag down my today, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem so much any more. I love the way you point out that we should use our energy to live each day fully. That really is a recipe for happiness.

    All the best,

    1. Michael

      No real zombies here at ALOL, so no need to be worried. 🙂 It is absolutely the best to live each day in the time we have it right now instead of trying to go back and relive yesterday. It works ever so much better for being happy today.

  2. Nick Catricala

    I have to say the truth.. as I start to read your article, I was going to stop and move on to the next one below… BUT something told me “nick, go ahead, he is a nice guy, so something better will be down the road” and so I continued reading… well, my friend, I am glad I read it, I actually had to read it two times to grasp the whole meaning that you intended to be… yes, I could just capitalize from the end of it.. but truly, as you read through it, many, many instances come to mind and with out saying more… I love to say THANK YOU for taking time to write the article as you did… it truly fit into many of us lives…

    The part of “living in the present moment, your days are light and free” was a hit after all the turmoil that went into my head while reading the rest of the article… I chosen to do just that… Live in the moment and I am doing pretty well .. not as good as I like to but then again, what can I say, I start a little late in life, but that will not stop me from enjoying every moment knowing that God is within me now and has been there for ever.

    THANKS so much Michael my friend, for taking time to arrange this article as you did…
    Nick Catricala recently posted..Humble Power in Simplicity — it’s a beautiful thing.My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Nick,

      I am glad you decided to keep reading all the way through to the end. It was just getting to be close to Halloween so I thought a post with a Halloween theme might be appropriate.

      And the idea that we cannot live in our pasts kind of goes hand in hand with zombies. (Well, with a bit of poetic license it does, anyway) 🙂

      1. Nick Catricala

        Hey Michael, I am here again like a Zombie haha 🙂

        Had to come back and re-read the part that these so called “Zombies” “Interrupt The Natural Flow Of Life Energy”
        Last Friday I attended a meeting and something come up at the meeting that made me think it was exactly what you wrote here. What went on at the meeting interrupted the natural flow of life and the one who caused the most, did not even have a clue.. too bad that I could not share your blog post… (she would not read it anyway) I am certain it would help.

        But you know what, I read it again for myself so I make sure I do not interrupt the flow of natural life for my self and the one I care most and that is everyone.

        Thanks once again my Friend, always a pleasure to read your intuitive articles.
        Nick Catricala recently posted..Reaching Out…My Profile

        1. Michael

          I am glad you came back for another comment, my friend. It’s funny, sometimes, how appropriate an odd sort of analogy is to other parts of life. I have had similar experiences to yours at the meeting when somebody just kind of interrupted the whole thing and used all the energy in the room for themselves.

          Definitely a zombie characteristic. And so much better to live life with the natural flow instead of trying anything else. 🙂

  3. Dr. Erica Goodstone


    I love your post. I have been enjoying my days, even if most of the day is spent working with clients, writing, reading others’ posts and watching webinars. It is all new and uplifting and invigorating. And the I may take a break to walk along the ocean or stop for a meal and a cappucino. Life is good.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Love For Sale – Ready Or Not!My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Erica. It is so good to live in the present moment. Do we have to account for things we did yesterday in the present? Sure. But we don’t need to live there. Your days sound very nice, especially the walking along the beach and cappucino parts. 😉

    1. Michael

      Thank you Sarah, :-). It could be that a bit of zombie-izing might be appropriate on occasion, so we can be connected and so we can work today with the results of our thoughts and actions from yesterday. But living there, (and I suspect we all know some people who do this), not such a helpful sort of notion.

      I don’t think it has to be a complete drain on our resources, just that the present moment is the only time available in which to do our living. 🙂

    1. Michael

      This is so true, Steve, zombies do look like they stumble through their lives. Hmm, or un-lives, maybe. They don’t know what they are doing, have no goals and just kind of wander around aimlessly. Lots more fun to use energy in a positive and healthy way to live a wonderful life.

  4. Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial


    your article brings up a very important point and that is that we should all try to live in the present. Learn what you need to from the past and then move on. Don’t dwell on your failures. Also, maybe it’s good to reminisce once in a while but I don’t know how good it is to “relive” the old days either. The old days are in your past. Your present is here, now. Make the most of each “present” moment and your present and your future will be much better than reliving the past too much, especially if you relive the negative aspects of the past.

    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial recently posted..Why Content is Still King — Social Media and SEO!My Profile

    1. Michael

      True, for sure, Jim, the only time we really can live is right now. Absolutely we need to take what we learn form our pasts and live today, but that part of spending all our time trying to make the past something different than it was, does not work well at all. Those old days are done, and fortunately we have this day right now to live and living each of those present days in succession as they show up, makes life a whole lot simpler.

  5. Patricia Gozlan

    “Zombie” to me is the opposite of life, the opposite of living in purpose.

    These are all symbols to remind us of how aligned we are to our purpose and if we lose track of it the interruption of pattern these archetypes are here to remind us is to ask ourselves what do we want out of life and how to get it with grace, love and joy.
    Thanks for this post!

    1. Michael

      This makes a lot of sense, Patricia, the idea of “living” a zombie life as being a life lived without purpose or passion. We are the only people who can decide what we want in our lives and when we do that, we act with life and love and that makes for a really excellent day.

  6. marquita herald

    Clever Michael, and I’ll bet you’ll never guess what the one and only TV show I never miss is? Yep, The Walking Dead. Great analogy, and I must confess today I definitely felt like I was dragging an appendage or two behind me – but then that could be because I pulled an all-nighter last night. Ah, the joys of entrepreneurship! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂
    marquita herald recently posted..The Risky Business of Living Life to the FullestMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Marty. Ooof, the Walking Dead, blecch. There are some days that definitely feel much more zombie-esque than others. I hope your day goes really smoothly today. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Hi Jessica,

      It is true, when we spend our lives trying to re-live out pasts days, we have much less energy to live today. Nothing wrong with memories, especially good ones, but its way easier to spend our energy living in the present moment.

    1. Michael

      Thank you Anne, it is so true, we can try to live in the past, but it rarely, if ever, serves us to stay back there for any length of time at all.

    1. Michael

      So true, Alice, the past is a great place to learn from. And the only time we can apply those lessons is in the present moment. It is actually a perfect system. 🙂

    2. Yorinda

      I agree with you, Alice, we can learn from the past.

      Sometimes we may have to feel the unresolved pain from the past to let it go.

      A woman in a group I am part of realized that her bitterness and pain was related to what happened to her as a child. After she realized that she felt neutral towards those people in her present.

      We can maybe do both live in the present and when needed resolve the past.

      Love and Light
      Yorinda recently posted..Who runs the Show in Your Life?My Profile

  7. David Merrill 101

    Living in the past is certainly a bit like a death march, Michael. The best you can hope for is a short term resolution to an old dilemma.

    But that’s not living in creativity and growth.

    It’s treading water, at best.

    Our bigger challenge is to grow as we spin our lives into new patterns. that requires risk and exploration, beyond stalking our well-known and predictable past.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted..Just What Are “Action Takers”?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Absolutely, positively right, David. It is indeed a death march to go around trying to live in our past. Right now, this is where we are living, the only time in which we can be creative and grow. And truth is, it is more than enough to be living creatively one day at a time.

  8. Angela Arnold

    Wonderful post, Michael, and I love the photos and graphics. It’s so appropriate to be talking about zombies close to the Halloween holiday.

    Whenever I see people trying to bring up the ghosts of past shortcomings or disappointments, I try to lead them into the positive present and potential for a greater future.

    Your blog post is great, without being heavy-handed, and it’s a post everyone should be able to understand and implement.

    Thanks again, and have a fantastic weekend.
    Angela Arnold recently posted..Facebook Marketing MagicMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Angela. I like being able to write with a bit of light-heartedness on topics that some folks might consider a bit heavy. That is absolutely wonderful that you are helping people to live more in the positive present.

      Just this morning, my wife and I were watching a TIVO’d episode of Oprah where she was chatting with Deepak Chopra back in 1993, and his words were so spot on about how we are creating everything about our lives with our thoughts. Every time I see it, I hear something new, I did not before.

      What I can’t figure out is how they snuck into my living room to change the words of the recording. 🙂

  9. Yorinda

    Hi Michael,
    what a great way to reflect on how we use our energy.

    You make a great point about why it would be a lot more beneficial to live in the here and now.

    Personally I don’t enjoy Halloween and the ‘trick and treat’ which is loading kids up with sugar and the glorification of gruesome figures etc.

    Thank you for your insightful post!

    May we all tap into the abundance of Universal Energy and use it to produce joyful experiences.

    Love and Light
    Yorinda recently posted..Salt versus Himalayan SaltMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Yorinda,

      It is so true that trying to use our today energy to re-animate the past does not work well at all, and leaves us mostly with a feeling of general malaise. Not so much fun at all. And it is a perfect way to think about the abundance of the Universe to feel light and alive and full of joy. 🙂

  10. Sadie-Michaela Harris

    Hello there Michael
    I’d never really thought of it this way but I completely get it! With the energy of a Zombie analogy
    My friend Judith, a school teacher gives trick or treaters fruit. She says for some kids in her class fruit is a real treat so this year I am going to do the same 🙂
    Sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..SMBs and Social Media in 2012My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hello back Sadie-Michaela. 🙂

      I personally don’t have much use for zombies on a day to day (night to night) basis, but they do come in handy for explaining cool ideas about the Universe. That is cool what your friend is doing, I hope you get lots of happy kids enjoying their fruit. I know that’s a treat I like.

  11. Clint Butler

    I have been feeling like a zombie since my return from Afghanistan. Nothing really excited me much since coming home and I couldn’t wait to get home. The fact of the matter is I was bored with my new role in the military as a senior NCO. I wanted the challenge of working with and training Soldiers everyday. And I couldn’t do it anymore.

    So now that I am retireing and starting a new chapter of my life I love getting up and working on my business from home. I have been dedicating tons more time to it. And creating more content during the week then ever before.

    Zombies are for suckers LOL
    Clint Butler recently posted..Live The Dream 3 – Todd Falcone Gets A MassageMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Zombies are actually pretty useful for using as examples of all kinds of things not to do. 🙂

      And one thing they don’t do well at all is run home businesses, so I am glad you are not hiring any as outsourcers. 🙂

  12. Donna Merrill

    I am so glad I came to this post. What fun: the analogy in this time of year!

    If I don’t pay attention to my energy levels, I can start turning into a Zombie! But that is not how I want to live. To me, this is a choice. We either dwell on the negative, eat poorly, choose not to exercise, OR… Do what we love to do each day no matter what. Pay attention to what we eat and exercise all to raise our energy level.

    When energy level is raised in the body, the mind goes to the life of light and leaves zombi land away.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Power Of NOMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Donna. It is fun in an odd sort of way. But with a more serious side too. We can only live in one day at a time. And it is vital to stay connected with ideas and activities that help keep our energy flowing in a positive way.

      Trying to live yesterday or go back to our old ways of thinking once we learn better, puts us on the fast train to Zombie Land.

      Much better to be living in the land of the Life of Light. 🙂

  13. Kevin Martineau

    Hi Michael:

    Great analogy! It is tempting to live looking always to the past but as you said we must live in the moment. We must make the most of each day instead of focusing on what didn’t happen yesterday or what didn’t go right yesterday.

    Kevin Martineau recently posted..4 ways to have contentmentMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Kevin. You are right, it is very tempting to look back all the time, I guess maybe we are taught that as children. But it makes it real hard to navigate in the forward direction if we are always looking back 🙂

  14. Gary Young China Sourcing

    I’ve never been a morning person. That is why it is really hard for me to NOT be a zombie in the morning. Caffeine doesn’t help. Sometimes I realize that what it really takes is a good outlook on life to get me through that morning.

    Thanks for sharing this nice article.
    Gary Young China Sourcing recently posted..China Sourcing: Setting Goals.My Profile

    1. Michael

      I have found at various times in my life that I have enjoyed rising early and sometimes staying up late. But when i do both of those together, I really feel zombie-like. 🙂

  15. Clint Butler

    I actually have an alarm that keeps me from being a Zombie. You see I adopted a retired military working dog and she is most loyal dog ever. She actually rolls up under the desk at my feet and keeps me company whenever I work. But she can tell when I am getting bored or just hanging out at the computer and she’ll come out and get me to move around. Then we both run around the house and make a mess of things before retreating from the wife back to the office.

    1. Michael

      I had a cat that did the same thing for me until he passed on. Sitting on my desk sleeping until he would decide that it was time for me to get up and carry him around the house. It was a great system for me to get a break from working and for staying connected to the rest of my life. That is very cool that you adopted your dog to share your life. 🙂

  16. Sadie-Michaela Harris

    Michael! I had to pop back and tell you… I was visiting my brother last week in England he lives in a town called Peterborough. Last week in the shopping centre [mall] they had their 2nd Zombie walk. People of all ages dressed up and used stage make up to enact a Zombie walk through the city. I was reminded of his post 🙂
    Sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..Big Trends in UK Mobile 2012My Profile

    1. Michael

      Sadie-Michaela, I have heard of those walks around Halloween season, but have never been on one. It seems like zombies are so popular as a cultural icon that they are almost taking over parts of the world. Better England than France, though, right?

  17. Paul Reimers

    Awesome and fun post Michael,

    I love your looking at zombies as a metaphor for living in the past as apposed to being fully alive in the present moment. I have always loved super hero stories in both comic form and movies from the time I was little. It wasn’t until I saw the movie Unbreakable when the character of Elijah Price played by Samuel L Jackson went on about comics and superhero stories are just analogies capacities that we have but don’t allow to actualize.

    If more of us could see into things more deeply as you have done, stories and legends would gain much more richness and impact us on an even deeper level.
    Paul Reimers recently posted..How Do You Create Your Business?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Paul. It is interesting how deep the stories of our everyday lives are. Connected to the legends of history, we love that about our lives, and comic books (reviled though they may be in some quarters) provide the intimate closeness to legendary heroes that generations of people enjoyed through story telling and interpretation.

      Zombies provide us a very handy reference point on which to center our thoughts of how to live in the present moment. And are kind of fun too. 🙂

  18. Garen

    Hey Michael,

    A creative piece of writing :). But true living the past isn’t going to do you any good. If dwelling on the zombie days are going to do something positive for you than do it, but lots of successful people realize their were zombie days and now there gone.

    Have a good day 🙂
    Garen recently posted..CommentLuv Premium ReviewMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Garen. 🙂 There are lots of things to learn from the zombie days, and those lessons are perfect to be applied in the present moment. Living back in the past, not so helpful; but learning and living now is a life well lived.

  19. Beth Hewitt

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for a creative post. I do love your originality when you write. The part about joining the dots, jumped out at me. It reminds of what the late Steve Jobs said in a graduation speech. Whilst we don’t want to live in the past, it is interesting to see how the sum of our experiences has made us who we are.

    When I sometimes feel that things aren’t progressing as fast as I would like, I like to think about what positives I can take from the current situation and how it will propel me forward in the future.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂
    Beth Hewitt recently posted..Are you building an email list with your blog?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Beth. I think that there are some truths in the Universe, and originality helps sometimes with helping to bring those truths to life. It is important to bring our lessons from the past into our lives now, I think that shows how much we have progressed on our paths. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Nile. No point at all in wallowing around in negativity. Much more fun to live and now and eat brains. Whoops, I mean and have a great day. 🙂

  20. Lydia Brown

    I learned a long time ago that I can choose to have a great day or choose not to. I don’t always remember that in time and get stuck but I do process information and then the light bulb goes again. I take a deep breathe say the serenity prayer and start my day over.
    Thank you Michael
    Lydia Brown recently posted..What is Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Lydia, you are so right, it is our day to choose how it is going to be. I just love that light bulb moment and the chance to start over whenever I want. 🙂

  21. Denj I.

    i like this story. no non no… i love this story. my kind of story. fresh, upbeat yet satirical has a good punch of wits in the end. if only teachers and preachers could be this creative and current.

    very nice michael!
    Denj I. recently posted..The Dengue WaveMy Profile

  22. Marissa


    Interesting post. I guess many people now can relate. Zombies has been very popular lately especially after the Walking Dead program. I guess all of us has experienced feeling a zombie but as for me, I think it’s great. It made me yearn more in really living a life and in turn made me appreciate everything. 🙂 Thanks.


    1. Michael

      They are indeed very popular, Marissa and they seem to be getting more and more attention all the time with lots of movies and TV shows too. 🙂

  23. Raena Lynn

    Hi Michael,

    I’m not a Zombie fan in any shape or form. Anything that relates to zombies is a turn off for me, so honestly, I skipped your article at first, then my curiosity lead me back. I wasn’t sure where it would go, but as usual, you were able to take something unique, zombies in this case, and make a wonderful comparison between the energy of zombie energy and living energy.

    I am happy most days, and I strive to live for the moment as much as possible. About 6 months ago, I was an “employee” working at a horrible job, and I can say I felt like a zombie during that time. All I could think of when I was there was waiting to leave and thinking of the past. I know when I am not in a happy place, I protect myself by moving my thoughts to the future of the past. After leaving, I came back to life and my personality changed back to feeling more positive because I am so grateful to be free!

    It would be joyful to be able to live each and every day by the moment, but some days can be a challenge. When negativity creeps in, I have to work hard to not “dwell on the past.” It’s easy to live by the moment when I am doing what I love to do. Regardless, it’s a choice. I choose not to be a zombie! After reading this post, every time I think negatively, I will have a picture of a zombie in my head. Gee thanks Michael…just kidding. Thanks for the great post!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..The Prosperity Game Journal Part 3My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Raena,

      I am glad you decided to take the chance to come back and read the Zombie article. Thank your for your kind words, I am glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      Making the change from negativity to a life of positivity can take a while. I guess like the adage in many self improvement programs, changing the way we think “is a process”. Occasionally, I have negative thoughts, but nowhere near the way my entire life used to consist of those. Now the mix is much more positive. I have chosen to do things differently than many people. I don’t watch TV much, I really don’t watch the news at all, and I write every day a positive message that I share with people through email.

      Free Positive Email Every Day

      That last one has really profoundly changed my life and I have been writing a daily positive message for going on 6 years now. Each time I do that, it adds a bit more positive energy into my day. Perhaps similar to your experience, I have had jobs where everything was negative, sadly so; but when I think about those times now, it is as if I was there pretty much to learn something good about myself.

      I am glad your life is going in a more positive direction now, I know it feels much better for me, and I hope you are feeling that same sense of freedom and lightness.

  24. Gregory Bowen

    Michael…..You are Doggone smart! ….What a great analogy, using Zombies that already lived, once to illustrate why we don’t live in the past!….Myself being a Driver Instructor have to motivate my students in a positive way, and get their thoughts to be positive so they are more easily able to receive instruction!…..I will be using your analogy…..Thanks Michael you are an amazing example for us all!…..Smokey
    Gregory Bowen recently posted..Spring Is Ready To Be Sprung!My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Smokey. 🙂

      I do think it is vital to motivate people in a positive way. Sure there are things where you just have to say things in a negative sense, like ” Don’t stomp on the accelerator” but mostly we can phrase things in a positive way and that helps people learn a whole lot easier. And feels better, too. 🙂

  25. Stefanie Gamble

    When we are living in the moment, we are totally immersed in what we are doing. I’m not suggesting in any way, that we should attempt to live in the moment 100% of the time, as much as it would be great if we could, it’s just not practical. To do that, we would be setting ourselves up for failure. What I want you to do, is just make an “attempt” at living in the present moment, this is a positive start, and in the right direction. So, how can you start? Well, you start with “awareness”.
    Stefanie Gamble recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

    1. Michael

      So true, Stefanie, you must start with an attempt. Then look at your results, and evaluate them to see if you are closer to where you want to be. If yes, do more of the same; if no, try something a little bit different.

  26. Linda (Jody)

    I love reading these e-mails each and every day. A lot of times, I really think that Michael and his team have been reading my mind. It’s as though the messages come straight from GOD’S lips to their messages.
    It’s almost uncanny, and I LOVE IT!

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your very kind words, Jody. 🙂

      We love writing these messages every day, but no, we are not really reading your mind. 😉

      But it is uncanny sometimes how something written or said by someone else goes right straight to the heart of a matter we were thinking about. When that happens, I am reminded again of what an awesome place the Universe is.

  27. Delmer Underwood

    How much time does each of us spend rushing from one activity to the next without stopping to enjoy it? How much energy do we focus on rehashing past experiences and conversations or rehearsing future ones? Does this actually do anything except keep us distracted from the only reality that exists? When we are not living in current reality our power is drained from us. No wonder so many people are frazzled and exhausted. Imagine how much more energy we would each have if we stayed in the present.
    Delmer Underwood recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

    1. Michael

      It seems that our society teaches us that the best way to live is to keep rushing from one thing to the next without ever living in those precious present moments passing by.

      We get to enjoy our lives much more when we take the time right now to live, not rehearsing for the future or trying to re-animate the past. Thanks for a well thought out comment Delmer. 🙂

  28. Rebecca N. Dickerson

    Thoughts stop. The mind becomes silent. What shines through then is the energy of our being. We can dive much deeper into this vertical dimension of time and discover more about our true nature. To dive into the present moment is also the goal of meditation. The present moment is the entry point, or as Eckhart Tolle calls it the main portal into spiritual awakening.
    Rebecca N. Dickerson recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

    1. Michael

      Our life is lived in the present moment, there’s not really any other way to live. And besides, it work sso well, why would we want to change that idea, anyway? 🙂

  29. Ashley Ware

    Thoughts stop. The mind becomes silent. What shines through then is the energy of our being. We can dive much deeper into this vertical dimension of time and discover more about our true nature. To dive into the present moment is also the goal of meditation. The present moment is the entry point, or as Eckhart Tolle calls it the main portal into spiritual awakening.
    Ashley Ware recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

    1. Michael

      So true, Ashley, the present moment is the one that counts. We can learn from the past, plan for the future, but those ideas only work when we are willing to invest our energy in the time we are experiencing right this minute.

    1. Michael

      Right here, right now. That’s the tagline of the local news station here. So appropriate and so odd to find it in a news station. 🙂

  30. Rosie B. Weiss

    Therefore, all happiness is in the present and unhappiness comes from thoughts about past hurts and future worries. Being present enables you to live and love to your fullest potential. Your health, your love life, your confidence and your inner peace all rise.
    Rosie B. Weiss recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

    1. Michael

      Exactly correct, Rosie. All happiness is live in the Now. Even memories of past happiness are experienced again in the present moment. Unhappiness does have its roots in the past, and there is no reason to drag anything from the past into the present to hurt yourself all over again.

  31. Renee C. Patel

    Fantastic advice here, living in the present really is the key to happiness. Many people dwell on past failures or successes, or spend their lives worrying about what tomorrow will bring. In a way, living for the future is a consequence of our education system – it’s constantly drilled into kids that “you must pass your exams” otherwise your life will suck. We should try teaching our kids to just live for the moment instead.
    Renee C. Patel recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Renee. Living in the present is exactly the key to being happy. And I absolutely agree that we should teach our children how to do this, or at very lest, help them keep this idea they were born understanding close to their hearts.

  32. Lynne Sellers

    Therefore, all happiness is in the present and unhappiness comes from thoughts about past hurts and future worries. Being present enables you to live and love to your fullest potential. Your health, your love life, your confidence and your inner peace all rise.
    Lynne Sellers recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

    1. Michael

      Yes, that is it exactly. Be happy now. For sure, we can remember nice things and be happy in those memories, but living now brings us a continual supply of happiness if we think that way. 🙂

  33. Winston

    Hi there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the superb work!

    1. Michael

      Thank you, Winston. We just changed the theme and design of our site to make it more mobile friendly. I’l glad you like it.

  34. Frances

    This is really different approach to living in the present moment using zombies. I would not have thought of this, but I think its pretty clever.

  35. Norm

    Whoah! ZOMBIES!!! I was at first a little put off but when I finished the article I was impressed with what it said.

  36. Jayson

    Your style is really unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from. Many thanks for posting
    when you’ve got the opportunity. Truly I never would have thought about zombies and living in the present moment.

  37. Joann

    We never would have thought about using zombies to talk about living in the present moment, but it really makes sense.

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