You Already Know

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I Just Can't Decide

If you are even a little bit like a lot of folks in the world, you may have heard a little, squeaky almost whiny kind of voice in your head sometimes.

Not like the crazy kind of voice you hear people using at the bus station or in the park sometimes when they are carrying on both sides of a conversation. But still it seems like that little voice inside of you is plenty loud enough for you to wonder sometimes if other people can hear your thoughts.

Its almost as if sometimes your mind becomes completely filled with useless whispering thoughts like

  • "I just don’t know what I should be doing with my life
  • "I simply can’t decide which path to take"
  • “I am so confused”

Or something similar to those. There are actually endless variations on that theme. And all of them are wrong.

In truth, it is almost as if that little voice is trying to lie to you, to create some confusion by presenting you with a picture of yourself as incapable of making a clear decision. Funny how that little voice always tries to take over making the decisions for you.

You might almost think that it knows better than you do.

That's Simply Not True

Not so. You already know what to do and how to think and what choices to make that will make your life wonderful. For some reason though, many of us have been taught from an early age that we do not know what we want or we don’t know what is good for us or that other people know better than we do what is the best choice for us.

This kind of thought might very well have been true once upon a time. Perhaps when we were very young and our parents or older relatives wanted to keep us safe and out of harm’s way. Back then, they would watch out for us with a tenderhearted concern.

But then as we got a bit older, they stopped talking to us (for the most part,anyway) in those ways, but because we had been trained to listen for their voices of instruction about what to choose and what not to choose, we began to substitute the little internal voice as the voice of guidance.

The Old Switcheroo Trick

Trouble is, the little voice we substituted not only too the role of elder in our lives, but took on the tone and sometimes even the words. So much so that it was almost as if our parents were still there telling us what to do but inside our heads. A very odd state of affairs indeed.

On the outside, our parents or other elders did not talk like that so much anymore, so we learned to fill that vacuum inside of ourselves so we could take care of ourselves.

The biggest issue with this idea, though, is that the voice still talks to us like we were children and needing the kind of guidance that an elder would give. Even when we are all grown up.

But with a little bit of rearranging of ideas we can get that little voice to grow up too, and stop talking to us like we were three years old.

First thing is to realize that we are indeed safe in our world and it is perfectly OK for us to make our own choices.

Second thing is to practice telling ourselves something positive using that little voice but our own words. This is kind of what doing affirmations is all about.

Third thing is to look for evidence in our lives of our new successful choice making ability and commend ourselves for making new choices.

Most of the time, we will find that after doing this for a while that we come to a place where we recognize that we already know what to do and even better, know that we know what to do.

We give ourselves confidence in ourselves and in our decision making abilities. And pretty soon after doing this process a few times we will find that it is virtually automatic.

so cool

Very Cool

And fun.

And that we already know what to do, without needing to listen to that little tiny leftover remnant voice from our childhood.



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