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Many people have been taught to accept a way of thinking that leaves them with very little results when they are trying to bring something new and wonderful into their lives. They have been taught that most good things come into their lives on an incremental basis. And that there is only a certain amount of good in the Universe, and you can only have a certain amount of it because everyone else needs their share as well.

It is true that everyone deserves their share, no problem there.

But it is not true that there is only a limited amount so that the more people there are the smaller everyone’s share will be. The truth is that there is an infinite amount of everything in the world and one person getting their share does not diminish the share of anyone else by a single iota.

When people first start learning about the Law of Attraction, they often find it difficult to believe that life could really be so simple. That you receive into your life the results of the thoughts that fill your mind on a daily basis.

It is exactly that simple, but it is hard sometimes to trust that this is how the Universe operates. So people decide that they are going to give a little test to see if it works. They think of something simple and relatively painless to manifest. Something like a parking space in the right location at the mall or maybe a red light turning green at just the right moment or even something like seeing a certain symbol during the day.

The Law Of Attraction Really Does Work


It's The Law

And because the Law of Attraction does work and these folks are thinking about nothing but getting great parking space or green lights or that cute little hummingbird they thought would be a great symbol, of course, these things materialize in rapid fashion.

Nothing wrong with that. Those things are nice to see in your life.

But what often happens is that because the folks see some success with their manifestation thoughts, they conclude that the Law of Attraction works. But they also conclude that it works on small things because that is what they had success with. They never go on to manifesting bigger things into their lives.

Many times, this is because of a secret idea they have that the Universe is limited in some way and they have already used up their portion of manifestation goodness. So they are pretty sure that if they try to bring some other idea into existence, the process will not work because there are no more wishes in the magic lamp.

On the contrary, bringing things from your thoughts into the physical world is exactly the way the Universe works all the time anyway.

Let’s write that again for emphasis.

[arrows color=orange] [bluebox] Bringing things from your thoughts into the physical world is exactly the way the Universe works all the time anyway.
[/bluebox] [/arrows]

That means that even if you are not consciously making an effort to bring something into being, the Universe is still responding to your thoughts and creating your world for you jus the same.

So here’s the thing with dreaming big.

From a Universal point of view there is no difference between your little thoughts and your big, giant, enormous thoughts. The Universe is everything, everywhere all at the same time

Here are some graphic examples to get an idea of the scope of the sizes of the Universe and what you are dreaming of having.

Here is the Universe


Here is you thinking about getting a parking spot next to the entrance of the mall

circle you

Big difference between the size of the Universe and the size of what you are thinking about.

OK, here is another example.

Here is the Universe


Here is you thinking about having a million dollars in your bank account

circle you

Big difference between the size of the Universe and the size of what you are thinking about.

One more example.

Here is you thinking about getting a parking space

circle you

Here is you thinking about having a million dollars

circle you

Hmm, no difference.

This is how the Universe sees the size of the thoughts you are thinking. They are all the same size. Want a parking space, here you go, one parking space coming up.

Looking for a million dollars, here you go, a million dollars coming up.

But what is obvious to the Universe, is how you are thinking and how much you are thinking.

Like this.

Just a passing thought

circle you

Now here is a thought with imagination, visualization, dreams and belief

you with bright thoughts

Now that difference, the Universe notices. But not the difference in what you think is big and small. The Universe is so vast, that there is virtually nothing you can think of that is any difference sizewise to the Universe. It is a matter of your viewpoint compared to that of the entire existence and power of the entire Universe.

dream bigSo dream big. Put emphasis on your thoughts and your visualizations until they are glowing with the energy of belief. And make some room in your life for the results to show up.

And the bigger your dream, the more room you will have to make. Could be a lot worse things in life than that.


4 Comments on “Why Not Dream Big”

  1. Maria

    And not only can you never use up the Universe’s resources, every time you put forth a little blue dot (a desire), the big blue dot (the Universe) expands to accomodate it! So the big blue dot never gets filled up because it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    Great thoughts!

    1. Michael

      Before Jay Leno was just the Tonight Show host, he did some commercials. One that he did for Lay’s potato chips sticks in my head a lot. At the end of the commercial, he would say “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more” and that thought always makes me think of just what you said. The Universe will always expand to include our new thoughts and dreams and desires. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in your comment. 🙂

  2. Wendy Grant

    Wonderful illustrative analogies; Thank You.
    To add a perspective of mine:we are all individuated expressions of this infinite, creative, loving, Intelligence, carrying all the creative attributes of It. The only thing limiting our abundance in all things, is our own limiting thoughts and beliefs (many unconscious),around how much is there for us, and how much we deserve it. What fun and adventure there is,in playing with this!

    1. Michael

      I like that phrase “individuated expressions”. Everything we are is the Universe, every creative aspect of it (or us) with the choice to think limited thoughts or the choice to be our real authentic selves. I absolutely agree, there is lots of fun just waiting for us to enjoy.

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