What Size Are Your Dreams

big and small shoes

Shoes Can Be BIG or small

Shoes come in various sizes and you get the right one that is specifically for your feet. In the US, this might be measured by having a size 9 shoe or a size 2 and if your feet are a little wider than most people’s feet, you can get the shoe you want in (for example) size 8 ½ DDD.

Men’s trousers are measured the same way. You might be a 32 waist and 28 inch leg or a 44 inch waist and 38 inch leg. You go to the clothing store and try on pants until you find the size that fits you.

And these ideas make sense. It’s important to be comfortable in the clothing you wear. You don’t want your feet to feel pinched into shoes that are too small for them and you really don’t want to walk around in pants that are dragging six inches of extra pant leg along on the floor.

It is one of those things you do. Buy clothing in the right size.

monster burger


Kind of the same thing when you go out to eat hamburgers. If you can only eat a tiny burger with a small order of fries, it really won’t work out for you if you decide to splurge on the MONSTER BURGER with extra cheese, onion rings and shovel full of French fries.

That food is just not going to fit into your tummy. And if you try to force the huge meal into your stomach when you really only need the small one, you are going to be a very sorry person in short order. When your tummy is all stretched out and complaining.

With clothing, we just kind of get the size that is going to fit us the best. With food portions it makes sense to get the portions size we can eat without putting ourselves in agony.

Our feet are a certain size; our stomachs are a certain size, that’s logical. That’s kind of how it is and there is no really any way to change those things.

But Dreams Are Another Thing Entirely


brain size

All About The Same Size

There’s no real limitation on what size our dreams can be. Our brains and our minds are all about the same size, more or less, but the size of people’s dream can vary in a big way.

In fact, sometimes the smallest person in stature can have the biggest dreams. And the largest person sometimes has just the tiniest of dreams.

We inherit our foot size from our parents. We inherit the size our tummies from our parents as well. And we are also taught what size our dreams are “supposed to be” by our parents and other significant adults in our lives.

But while you may be stuck with the size feet you have, or the size of stomach; the biggest difference with dreams though, is that we do not have to go through life with someone else’s idea of what size is appropriate for our own dreams.

Some parents do their best to help their children learn to live with disappointment and grief about daily life. This is because they don’t want their kids to get hurt by expecting too much from life as they grow up.

Other parents teach their children that they can have some things in their lives, but a lot of life can only be enjoyed by other people. And that there is a real limit to what anyone person can dream into their life.

Dreams Are Like Shoes!  Say What?

We learned that the size of our dreams was more like our shoe size. Very few people are taught that they themselves are in charge of how big their dreams can be.


You Won't Be Reading This

Truth is, the Universe does not put a limit on our dreams. You are not going to be getting an email from the Universal tech support telling you

“Sorry, you have reached the upper limit of your dreams and there are no more available. Try back next lifetime”U. Niverse
Chief AnalystUniversalTechSupport.com

Just not going to happen. The Universe is infinite and expanding. This means that

  • There is always enough
  • There is always plenty to go around
  • We are not going to tun out
  • You can dream as much as you want
  • You can dream as often as you like

Because your heart will grow big enough to fit all your dreams inside.

Dreams are an important part of the manifestation process because that is where everything starts. With you deciding what you want, then dreaming and imagining it in your life. You invite that thought to become a part of you, with no thoughts of limitations or shortfalls.


The Universe Is Infinitely Enormous

There is plenty to go around. There is enough Universe around for everyone to have all their dreams fulfilled and still have plenty to go around a second time and a third time and on and on and on. That is the real nature of the Universe. And any limitations we see in our worlds are ones we have put there.

True enough, we learned how to do that from our parents. Which is good. Because that means we know how to dream. Now its time to dream bigger. Just a little tweak to something we already understand exactly how to do. We don’t even have to learn any new skill; we just have to use the skills we already have.

Already an expert – how cool is that.


dream expert

Official Dream Expert


12 Comments on “What Size Are Your Dreams”

  1. Susan

    I have just learned to dream big. The hardest part is getting past all the negative programming from the PAST. Once I come back to the present, I can see my dreams in all their Glory. And I expect things are already working to make those dreams come true. This is a much more pleasant way to live…knowing my dreams are MY dreams, and no one except me can do something about it.

    A fabulous message for me to receive at this point in my life.
    I am so Thankful for your messages.

    1. Michael

      You are very welcome. I am very glad you enjoy the messages. So often it is like we try to pretend that the past has more influence on us than the present. Almost as if, if we spend our time thinking about the past, somehow we can change that. So much easier to change what we are doing in this moment. And create our future past right this minute in a way that we love. 🙂

  2. Linda (Jody)

    I love getting reading your ALOls. They are always so inspiring AND insightful. AND, they always lift my spirits. Please keep em coming.
    Have a blessed day. Linda (Jody)

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your very kind words. I am very glad you enjoy them. It is a wonderful thing to be able to write them and I feel inspired being able to do that. Please have a blessed day too. 🙂

  3. Patricia Gozlan

    I was attracted by the title Michael,
    this is an excellent article and analogy here!
    Being in the world of fashion and specifically in the shoes fashion as well as a business coach I realize how often we tend to think that abundance and prosperity like dreaming for example are perceived as too small, not enough too big for us to achieve etc.. etc…
    I use the analogy of sexy feminine shoes to say that when we walk in life with grace and lightness this is what the universe if giving back to us;)
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading this post as always!
    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..Chocolate,Facebook and Smartphones: 3 Early Warnings of Addiction and How to Stop ThemMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Patricia. I am glad you liked the title 🙂

      I really like your analogy about waling in the sexy feminine shoes to be like walking a life of grace and lightness. It is exactly the way you are saying, what it is we give out, comes right straight back to us. And often in increased amounts like I wrote about in this article, Points Of Attraction. It really cannot be any other way.

    1. Michael

      Thank you Farouk. 🙂

      Having big dreams is a wonderful way to live. I wish you all the best on your journey towards making them come true.

  4. Shelley Alexander

    Hi Michael, You always have such inspirational posts! I have alot of dreams that I’m working to accomplish and I believe in dreaming big because the universe never sets limits on the size of your dreams. Thanks for reminding me of this!
    Shelley Alexander recently posted..Caramelized Onion SoupMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Shelley, thank you for your kind words. That is really good thing to have big dreams. Compared to the size of the Universe, all of the things that we want are relatively small, it is our belief that makes them seem hard to get. To our Universe we are worthy of all of them, no matter what size we think they are. 🙂

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