Unclutter Your Life

unclutter your lifeOne of the biggest areas that we have to deal with in our lives is clutteriness. We keep things that don’t serve us anymore. They used to be things we thought were important in our lives. We invested time and money energy into their accumulation, but now that we have them, or two of them or three of them, those things are filing up our lives and our hearts with stickiness that we just don’t need.

It isn’t that it’s not a good idea to want things in our lives. It is. And the cool part is that we never really have everything that we want. But that is only because when we get a desire fulfilled, part of us on the inside starts thinking about what we are going to want next.

No problem there, the Universe is infinite, just like we are and there are infinite ways to fulfill the desires that we send out.

But that doesn’t mean we have to keep all the stuff we get. We already spent the energy to get those things. It is possible that those things can add to our energy now by helping us feel good or making us excited about seeing them or any of a number of different ways.

It’s just that most of the time they don’t.

Take My Closet . . . Please

Cluttery Thoughts and Clothes

I'm So Confused

Take your closet, for instance.  If you go into you closet and the first thing you think is something like,

“Wow, I have these wonderful clothes to wear and there are so many excellent things that I get excited just thinking about deciding what to wear today”,

then that is a pretty good sign, that even if your closet is full of things, then those are all still good things you to own.

But, if you look in your closet and the first thing you think is something along the lines of,

“OMG, I hate having to decide what to wear in the morning, I can never find what I want , and I will just have to settle for something I don’t really like today.”

Then it is time to clear out that closet.

  • You do not owe your clothes closet anything.
  • You do not owe your garage anything.
  • You do not owe your attic anything.

The general rule of the Universe is that you get to decide what comes into your life. If once you decided that you really wanted pink and purple tasseled penny loafers and you brought those into your life, there is no reason why you can’t usher them out.

Energy is a moving entity. Things, ideas, thoughts, emotions come into your life. You experience them, and you let them pass on through.

When you were 4 years old, your emotions were right on the surface of your life. But it’s not like you have to keep feeling those same emotions now that you are more than four years old. It is good to let those things go.

But They're Still Good

kid clothing

Not Gonna Fit No More

You don’t need to hold onto the same clothes you wore when you were 4 either, hoping you will eventually fit back into them. Or the same shoes. Or choose the same thing for your lunch everyday as you liked in pre school.

Those ideas don’t make much sense looked at in that way. There is no reason for you to hold onto your old ideas, your old clothes, your old shoes, your old car up on blocks in the front yard or anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

If they serve you well in your present life, please keep them if you like. If they don’t, let them go.

This is a good weekend to go through the parts of your life and decide what you are holding onto that is serving you well. And what is not doing you much good right now.

Got a belt that is still OK looking but is 3 sizes too big or 3 sizes too small?

Put it in a box that is destined for the thrift shop.

Got 3 tennis balls in a can that you used last season but are still good enough for practice balls, except you don’t play tennis anymore?

Into the box they go. And off to Goodwill.

Got a relationship that drops your heart into your stomach whenever you think about the other person?

Time to let go.

Not saying that if this is your 14 year old child, that you should turn them out into the street, just that it would be OK for you to let go of trying to make them like you. Or thinking that there is something wrong with you that if only you could find out what that thing is and fix it up that the y would like you (or love you) again.

That is an idea you can let go of without loss. You are already good enough. You do not need to be changing to try and meet someone else’s expectations.


Fill It Up

Fill up the wheelbarrow, load up the dumpster, and unburden your heart. Time to let it go if it does not fill your heart with joy. Unclutter your life, set down your burdens and when you do, prepare to have your life filled with astoundingness and joy.


6 Comments on “Unclutter Your Life”

  1. Susan

    Thank You for this message. I am anxious to get to my closet (and drawers!) to allow for space for growth. I know that when I have done this in the past, that I DO feel lighter…and even happy. Carrying burdens from the past is nobody’s job. And seeing items that reflect those burdens makes for a very difficult now. I now choose Light and Happiness, and new purchases will reflect just that. Hope you have a lovely, long weekend.


    1. Michael

      @ Susan

      You are very welcome.

      Letting go of old purchases or even gifts (which are sometimes heavier than purchases) is a great way to free up energy for acceptiing new things into your life. The older things can stay animated and bring you a positive energy charge into your life, but often once their original energy is gone, it is almost impossible to reanimate them. Thank you for your kind words, I hope your weekend goes well too.

  2. Dee

    I enjoyed this message very much. I’ve been struggling to deal with my cluttered apartment, and not making much progress. But now I have this one simple yet profound sentence to keep me focussed: “Time to let it go if it does not fill your heart with joy.” Thank you.

    1. Michael

      @Dee. Thank you very much for your very kind words. The weight of the things we carry around trying to make them into things that make us happy is incredibly heavy at times. Letting things go that are obviously filling us with sadness makes more room for things and ideas that make our hearts light. 🙂

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