Today Is The Day

  • When are you going to get around to it?
  • How much longer are you going to put that off?
  • Why are you always behind when it comes to getting things done?
  • Why?
  • Why?
  • Why?

Ever ask these questions of yourself?  Well, maybe not in these words exactly, but ever ask anything close to these?

If you answered, No, I never have, then you can proceed directly to Go and collect 200 dollars.

Everybody else keep reading.

Another way to ask these questions is to change the pronouns around. It could be that you ask these questions differently and maybe those will resonate more with you.

Something along the lines of:

  • When am I going to get around to it?
  • How much longer am I going to put that off?
  • Why am I always behind when it comes to getting things done?

Either way, with either pronoun, the intent is the same. And the results of doing things in that way are the same. You get to be right, and that is a strong motivator for most people. They like to be right, they may say they are always wrong, but that is just them being right about their always being wrong.

And if you are always behind, always late, always having to deal with the fallout of waiting until the very last second to get something done, then there is probably only one reason for that.

You don’t think you are worthy of having something good in your life.

Folks who are exploring their ideas of connection to the Universe will sometimes say things like,

Well, that did not work out so well for me, I guess the Universe must be on it's own time schedule.
<Insert Your Name Here>
Living At The Bottom Of The List, Anywhere

Well, forgetting for a moment that time is strictly a made up idea so that we know when to pay the gas bill, the only real time is Now and the only person in charge of that is you.

Not The Universe


It’s your time, to pay attention to. It’s your time to focus with. It’s your time to use to do what you want.


Right Where I Put Myself

And if you are always behind, always late always waiting until the very last minute (or even after that), then you are always telling yourself that you are last on the list. Oops, what I mean is, you are last on your list. You might very well be first on someone else’s list, but on your list you are last.

You know in your heart you are last, and you know somewhere inside that this is where you deserve to be, so you arrange things I your life to keep yourself there. And in so doing, you get to reinforce the belief you have that you only deserve to be last, so you get to be right.

It is a perfect way to keep yourself in line, reward yourself for treating yourself poorly. You get to keep a consistent idea you have formed about you and you get to be right. And that is a much stronger motivator than almost any other reward you could give to yourself.

Ever heard anyone (maybe even you) say something like:

“I told you I would fail at that, and I did.”

Now that has got to be up there in the all time top ten self fulfilling prophecies.

But hey,

guess what


It’s your list

And that means that you get to decide what goes on your list, and you get to decide what order things go in on that list. So you have permission to put yourself anywhere on the list that you want to.

The trick is to realize that you are in charge of making the list exactly the way you want the list to be. If you are last on the list, it is because that is where you want to be. You might not articulate it quite that way, but the effect is the same. Your list does not belong to anyone else; they each have their own list.

So, yes, you do deserve to be last on your list. And you deserve to be third on your list. And you deserve to be first on your list. It is up to you to pick the spot on the list where you are going to put yourself.

Nobody else gets to choose where you put yourself on your list and you do not really need their advice about where is the best spot for you to put yourself. They all have their own lists and they all get to decide where they are going to go on their own lists.

Just like you do.

If you are

  • Always Late
  • Always Behind
  • Always Playing The Catch Up Game

then moving yourself to the top of your list sounds like it might be a simple way for you to change those things.


Things You Do Not Have To Do

  • You DO NOT have to announce this to anyone
  • YOu DO NOT have to make a big deal about it
  • You DO NOT have to get into an argument about it

just move yourself from the bottom to the top and see what kind of difference it makes in your life.

Go ahead and try it out, you really deserve to be treating yourself better. And since treating yourself poorly has not had the kind of results that make you sit up and say “Zippedy Doo Dah, Hallelujah, I Feel So Good Today” it is definitely worth your time to try out something different.


Right Now.


Treating Myself Better

No need to put "starting to treat yourself better" anywhere except the top of the list of things to do today.


8 Comments on “Today Is The Day”

  1. Aline

    Thank you so much. This is absolutely gorgeous what you wrote. So inspiring! I get to my feet right now!

  2. Diana

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Just before I read this article I had made a list of things I wanted today. The thing that I really wanted the most for myself was number 9 on a 10 item list. I think I will go ahead right this moment and rewrite that list.

    Thank you!

    1. Michael

      Good for you. 🙂

      It is amazing how much we are taught to put ourselves on the bottom of our own lists. I am gald you rearranged yours, I hope your day is wonderful today.

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