Time For A Change

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Time For A Change

It’s hard sometimes to tell what time it is. Even harder on occasion to tell what time really is.

We try to measure it. We spend it. We kill it (not too often, I hope). Waste it. Fritter it away. But we still don’t really know what it is.

Time is such an integral part of our world that you would think that somebody would have come up with a way to describe it to make sense to all of us that are spending our time trying to figure out what to do with our lives.

But that is not the case.

And most of the time we just kind of sit around wondering where the time went.

  • We are 3 years old and we can’t wait to go to kindergarten.
  • We are in 6th grade and can’t wait to go to junior high school
  • We are in high school and can’t wait to go to college.
  • Then we graduate from college and can’t wait until we get a good job, find our soulmate and buy a house.
  • Then we can’t wait to retire and pay off the mortgage.
  • Then we start figuring out how many good years we have left.
  • And then we spend our days remembering how it used to be when we were young.

It is time for a change.

Time to change how we think about time.


Fancy Watch Does Not Matter

Truth is no matter how many fancy watches we have, no matter how many times we punch into work in the morning, no matter how many cool little digital gizmos we install on our computers, the only time it ever is, is right now.

There are folks who will try to tell you that you can save time, bank time, make your time count, or warn you about wasting time, but those things are just the words we use in society to talk about other things. Things we don’t really want to talk about.

We think we are getting old, when most of the time we are just tired and have a lot on our minds.

We think we are wasting time, but most of the time we are just listening to that little voice inside our minds that keeps telling us we need to be doing something useful with our time.

We think we are saving time trying to multitask, when most of the time; we just aren’t used to thinking about one thing at a time.

[testimonial]All we can ever really do with our time is what we are doing right now[/testimonial]

We can certainly plan for the future, but right now we are planning, not living in the future.

We can certainly take time to honor our memories, but right now we are remembering, not living in the past.

And the really cool part is, we don’t have to do anything any differently than the way we are doing it right now. Because the Universe already works this way.

While it is true that it is time to change, it is time to change what we think. Time to embrace living now. Time to understand that the entire Universe works second by second, minute by minute, now by now.

thumbs upLots of Happiness

Live like that and your days and nights will be filled with an endless succession of now moments that you can spend enjoying your life orchestrating the delightful masterpiece you have created.

thumbs downOr More Of The Same Old Thing

Try to live any other way, and, well, you pretty much are going to keep getting the same thing you have been getting. But if you want something different, if you want to feel more in tune with the way the Universe works, if you want to live your life in a never-ending succession of precious and beautiful moments,  then it’s

Time for a change.


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  1. Vito Selemando

    You made some really good points there. But the one I think of the most is that we get to choose how we think about time.

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