Thoughts Are The Actions Of Your Mind

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Thoughts are the directed actions of the mind.

There are a couple of ideas about what it takes to produce change in our life. Many of these ideas revolve around the concept of work. That making real change in your life, in what you have, in what you get, even in what you see, are the results of doing something in the physical world.


The truth is, that for most things, whatever you get is a matter of personal preference, it is what you choose. It is what you think will bring you the biggest amount of happiness into your life by getting it, that counts.

So the short version of that paragraph is, it is your emotions about something that count way more than the actual something itself. Your emotions (not too surprisingly) tell you how you feel about something. And if you don’t feel good about something, no matter how cool that thing is supposed to be in the physical, it is not going to bring you any happiness.

Your emotions are the parts of you that guide you through the day. We go around all day long saying things like,

  • Hmm, I feel like a cup of coffee right about now.
  • I wonder how that feels to go around spending money like there is no tomorrow?
  • I just felt that was the right thing to do.

Phrases like these are part of our everyday life. We use them all day, everyday in an enormous variety of situations. We use them so much, in fact, that we don’t consciously pay attention so much when we say them.

But our subconscious hears the emotional phrases that we use and acts on them to bring us the results of our thoughts.

One of the ideas in modern metaphysics and spirituality is the idea of a division between parts of the mind. Some folks think conscious thoughts are the way to go in bringing peace and happiness. Others feel that emotions are what produce the results in the physical world.

I am kind of inclined to go along more with the baseball approach.


The Baseball Approach To Life

Consider a baseball. A baseball has a couple of parts. The inside stuffing, the stitches on the seams and the cover. None of those three things is a baseball all by itself. The stuffing part is made of yarn and cork and rubber, the stitches are made from cotton thread and the cover is made from cow hide.

And none of those materials is a baseball all by itself either. Yarn is not a baseball, cotton thread is not a baseball, and cow hide is not a baseball.

But when you put them all together in a particular way, you get a baseball.

In a similar fashion, your emotions are not you, your thoughts are not you, your physical body is not you, but when you put them all together in a particular way, you get, well, you. All the parts are important and they all act in concert every moment of your life.

Each of the parts of a baseball is vital to it’s being a baseball. Without each of those, you don’t have a baseball. Each of the parts of you is vital to being a person. Your thoughts which help you focus particular things in your life. Your emotions which make it possible for you to have experiences that bring you joy and peace. And your physical body which carries your spirit around to enjoy the world in its various forms.

True enough there are plenty of people who think they can reason their way through life by conscious directed thoughts. And there are some who feel that without emotions, life is simply empty of meaning. And then there are folks who are sure that if you concentrate on taking care of your body, everything else will fall into place.

intersecting parts of life

Thoughts + Emotions + Physical Self = You

These three parts act together in your life. Much like the parts of a baseball act together to produce a baseball.

Your body helps you do the things you think will bring you the best feeling. It’s funny, how simple it really is and how complex it seems when you try to analyze it. And much the way that the parts of a baseball fit together to makeup a baseball, and then the baseball is used to play a game. So do our parts fit together to makeup our selves, and then we use that self to go around and live our lives.

Simple, in reality. And so complex when we try to analyze it.

I suspect a reasonable idea is to pay attention to making sure that all three parts of ourselves are taken care of in a way that makes us feel good. Focusing on one part sometimes, is part of life. Concentrating on one part to the exclusions of the others makes it difficult to live in a balanced way.

But combine all three in a healthy and balanced way and you have the recipe for a fabulous life.


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    1. Michael

      Thank you for posting your comment and thank you very much for your kindness. Analogies work great sometimes.

  1. Patrick

    I must say, I neverr thought about the thoughts being what your mind does all day. Pretty cool stuff.

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