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Home Sweet Home

Houses are interesting places. There are lots of kinds of them throughout various places around the world. Sometimes they are made out of bricks, and sometimes they are made out of stone.

Sometimes they are made out of hay bales; and other times, made out of logs. They can be 2 stories, 3 stories, or just one level. Lots of windows or hardly any at all. But each house reflects the preferences of the people who live there.

And there are a lot of choices about what you can do to make your house look like you want it to look.

And for many people, those choices are really important, and one of the most important choices is color. What color the house is, can make a huge difference in how people feel about their homes and it can really change what other people think about your home too.

Jazz Blue

Jazz Blue

So let’s say, your house is blue. Not really light blue, but a color that is really suited for the northeast part of the US. This is a pretty dark blue as a matter of fact the Behr paint company, which is really big in the US, calls this color Jazz Blue, and it is pretty dark.

Not black, but dark blue nonetheless. Now this is going to give your house a particular kind of style that will be communicated to anyone seeing your home. Nothing wrong with that, it is just the way the world is. People make a decision about things based on how they look.

But it could be that when you first got your house and it was this dark blue color that, that style exactly suited your thought about your home. A bit subdues, not too flashy, kind of sedate and calm. Just like your family. People often have emotional attachments to the color of the home they live. And the thought of changing that color is difficult for them to contemplate.

Time For A Change


But sometimes, lives change and people think they want something different. Like, for instance, they want to change the color of their home from Jazz Blue to Sunshine Yellow. Something changed in their lives and they want to make a change on the outside too.

sunshine yellow

Sunshine Yellow

So they go out to the garage to get the paint. And they get the ladder, and they get the paint brushes and the paint roller and the paint tray and the drop cloth and a bottle of water to drink in case they get thirsty.

And they set all their painting equipment up in the backyard and pour the paint from the bucket into the paint tray and put the paint roller on the handle and get out the brush and start painting.

They paint for 3 hours and decide its time for a water break. Then they paint some more and its afternoon and the sun is starting into go down and its getting a bit dark so they start o hurry things along a little bit because who wants a half painted house when the sun comes up in the morning.


Thanks But No Thanks

And it gets a bit darker, and nobody wants to paint with a flashlight, and little bit chillier and now they are really moving along trying to get the last corner of the house painted before the sun goes completely down and they paint and paint and paint and just before the last of the sun disappears over the horizon, just as the moon is starting to peek out from the eastern sky, they finish.

The last bit of paint is on the house and in a triumph of delight in they rush to brag about getting the painting all done in one day and it is fabulous. Everyone in the family is excited they decide to throw a special dinner to celebrate the painting of the home and start up the grill to cook some fine tasty hamburgers and shrimp. Yum yum yum.

Everyone washes up, dinner is served, and even a celebratory bottle of wine is consumed and it’s off to bed with a job well done.

A good night’s sleep. Well rested, showers taken, teeth brushed breakfast eaten, nicely dressed and it’s off to the backyard, camera in hand to record for posterity, the results of yesterday’s fabulous work.

And there in the backyard, standing in awe as ready to take pictures of the freshly painted house, they take a close look and discover that the entire house has been freshly painted with a gleaming coat of Jazz Blue.





shocked smiley


“How can this be?”

everyone shrieks in dismay. We got the paint from the garage; we got the brushes and the drop cloths, and the paint rollers, and the ladders and the paint tray. We spent all day out here with only a single break for water, working and sweating and toiling under the sun only to find out that the house is still blue.

Well, no. The house is not still blue.

The house is blue – again.

How can that be, when you went through that big process of change. Got the supplies, dragged them outside, worked hard and long and it seems like nothing is any different even though you put in all that effort.

Most times, when similar things happen in your life, when you did similar sorts of changes but you wind up with results like you had before you started it’s because of one small thing.

You Have To Start At the Beginning

You didn’t prepare for the most important change. Now in this metaphorical sort of story, the most important change is that the house change from blue to yellow. But you neglected to do the most basic thing necessary for that change to happen.

You didn’t get any yellow paint – but you did everything else. You got all the supplies, you brought them outside, you worked all day changing, but those are all things that help the change along, once you start with the most important part.

If you are interested in changing your life for something you want more, for something you think you would like better, its an important thing to begin with that most important part. The beginning.

Because if you don’t start there, all the work you did will only bring you the result you do not want instead of those that you do.

This Makes Sense

So if you want to paint your house yellow, you need to start with yellow paint . . .

Because no matter how many times you paint your house with the same old blue paint that you’ve always painted it with, it is never going to be yellow.


Have a great change today.  :-)

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