The World Is Flat

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Of Course, the Earth is Flat

The world is flat.



All you really have to do is look at it and you can tell that it is flat. After all it is sitting there right under your feet. And while you are standing there admiring the view of the ground, if you stand there long enough, you can see that the sun is passing by because your shadow keeps moving.

Then, of course, the sun sets, and you have to wait for morning if you want to see your shadow again, after the sun rises.

Typical stuff that we experience everyday. Unless, of course it happens to be a sky full of clouds and then for sure nobody can see their shadow at all.

We live it that way, so we know that is what happens, and if someone tries to tell us that it isn’t that way, we can just point to our own personal experience as evidence of their being wrong, and us being right.

They All Seem To Be True

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But They All Seem So True


  • Flat World
  • Sun Rising
  • Sun Passing Across the Sky
  • Clouds everywhere so we can't see our shadow
  • Sun Setting



All true.

And we know this because we see these things as true with our own eyes..

And we are so confident that we know the truth that we are willing to get into all kind of arguments with other people who keep insisting that they ar right.




 But None Of Them Are Really True At All

Except, none of them are true. Or maybe all of them are true. Or perhaps none of them are true. But . . . and on and on and on.

How can we ever learn the real truth about anything if ideas we think of as fundamental are so difficult to see if they are true or not?

Well, a way to think about stuff in the world that some think is true and others think is false is to

Understand that all these things, we think of as facts, are pretty much opinions based on our own experience.



Nothing wrong with that, that is how we learn about stuff, by having experiences and basing our ideas about the world on those experiences.


Not Going Anywhere

Take for instance, the world being flat. If we look at the ground below our feet and maybe off a few yards, we can see that indeed the world appears to be flat, just as we suspected. And to test it out, we can put a ball on the ground and see if it rolls without being pushed. The odds that the ball would roll on a curved surface are pretty high. Those of it rolling by itself on a flat surface, virtually non-existent.

The ball does not roll, so we are pretty sure the earth is flat. As a matter of fact, we just proved it to ourselves.

Let’s look at the sun rising. Pretty, warm, all kind of shiny. And while we are standing still in one place, the sun moves up from below the horizon and up into the sky. At least as far as our perspective goes. But, that same event viewed from the face of the planet Venus shows that the sun appears to stay in one palace and the earth turns around. So the sun doesn’t rise, but the place you are standing in moves so you can see the sun.

Same thing with the sun setting. You stand there and watch it set. You know it is moving below the horizon because you can see it. But you know what; it is till the earth turning around and the sun kind of staying in one place.

And not being able to see your shadow because the clouds are covering the entire sky. Put on your moon boots and jump up to the surface of the moon and you will see right quick that the clouds you are seeing as filling the entire sky are really just over the one spot where you were standing and everywhere else is sunny.


Different Points Of View Are Different

Points of view are like that. You have yours. I have mine. Ed who lives down on the corner next to the firehouse has his. They are all correct – as far as we are concerned. Works well until we run across someone whose experience is so different than ours that we know they are wrong.

Except they are not wrong, as far as they are concerned. You are.


A Pretty Big Place

The universe is a pretty big place. There is plenty of room for lots of people to be right – in their own way. And no real reason, with most ideas anyway, to ever try to convince them they are wrong.

Because with most things, if someone is open to allowing others to be just as right as they themselves are, the world becomes a lot more fun and a lot more interesting and we all get to share things we know with each other.

A most excellent way to live, indeed.


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  1. Manny

    At first, I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw the title of your post, but when I read it, I can see it makes alot of sense.

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