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Its one of those things that you hear so much about these days. It seems like every time you turn around someone has a new Secret, or a new twist on the Law of Attraction or a new method of attracting prosperity into your life.

Sometimes you can even overhear folks talking about the subject of vision boards and manifestation while they are in line at the grocery store. Used to be they were standing there waiting to pay and looking at those tabloid newspapers and keeping their kids from grabbing candy bars, but now they are discussing the Law of Attraction while they are waiting to pay for their eggs and milk.

This is truly a great advancement in the world. And just goes to show that the ideas of some of the New thought authors are once again being discussed in everyday conversations.

It’s not like we can’t understand the concepts behind manifestation, in truth, we manifest stuff all the time. What kind of happens is that we forget or put aside for a bit the thought that we can actually influence what shows up in our lives as a result of our thinking.

That’s one of the central ideas we write about here at A Life Of light. Lots of other people write about it also and some of them present their thoughts in ways that are really similar to the way we think here.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Science of Getting Rich Ebook

Science of Getting Rich In Plain English Book

One of those folks is a guy named Croz Crossley. He is from Australia and has a site where he talks about the benefits of studying the Science of Getting Rich book by Wallace D, Wattles. Croz talks about a lot of other things as well, but that is one of the things he has focused on.

He has a great story of success using the principles in SOGR and decided that his experience was so important in changing his life that he wanted to publish a free ebook about The Science Of Getting Rich that anyone can download for free.

I think that’s a nice thing to do. He has an audiobook that he sells on his site and he calls both of them The Science of Getting Rich In Plain English. I don’t know if you have ever read the original book by Wallace Wattles but some of it is a bit hard to read because it was written in the standard language of the time the author was living in.

He has a part of his site that is called The Community News. Every month h writes an inspirational article and posts it to that section. here is the link to the May ediiton:

May Community News

It is a very good article (as they all are) and if you want to get the Science of Getting RIch ebook, there is a place to sign up directly to the right side of the article.

This is a site run by a decent and generous man. His style of writing is different from ours at ALOL, but I have found that sometimes hearing the same ideas presented from varius viewpoints helps those ideas coalesce and make even more sense.

I have even tried reading just some of the quotes from the book and a summary or two, but the language is still a bit difficult to digest. The ebook that Croz has written makes it a lot easier to get the both the main ideas and the subtleties involved because you don’t have to spend time and brain energy trying to figure out what the old fashioned words mean.

Its Cool And Its Free

The pdf book is free and for a lot of people that works just fine. The audiobook course is just under $10.00 US and can help you understand the book Croz has put together if you a person who learns well by listening (like me). Click the picture below to check out the audio book version:

Get The Science Of Getting Rich Audio

This is one of the Science of Getting Rich quotes that I really like because it fits in so well with the way I believe the Universe already runs.

[testimonial] Every thought of form, held in thinking Substance, causes the creation of the form, but always, or at least generally, along lines of growth and action already established


That is the original language of the written book, and the idea is there, it just seems a bit cloudy. I like the way the thought is presented there, but I also like the way it gets presented in plain English. Can’t really say "translated" because it's still English, but that’s kind of the way it is.

That quote seems to be saying:

[testimonial] “Your life becomes full of what you think about. And the more you think in a certain pattern, the more you get of the same things

The Universe

The Universe is Full of Wonder

The Universe is full of wonder and abundance. Sometimes it takes some change in thinking to make that prosperity show up in your life. Prosperity and abundance are really energy, just like everything else in the Universe. And if you want more to of those things to show up in your life, its important tot start thinking in a way that allows that to happen.

The Science of Getting Rich In Plain English free download might be just the ticket for you to do that.

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