The Power Of Plexiglas

plexiglas shower

Plexiglas For The Shower

Plexiglas is one of those wonderful materials that almost defy description. It’s a brand name for acrylic plastic that is lightweight but with a lot of strength. Known by various names throughout the construction industry, such as Acrylite or Lucite or sometimes Lexan, lots of people use the word to simply mean any kind of see through plastic.

You see it in showers that are clear but not made out of real glass and in doors sometimes or maybe even some kitchen cabinets. Plexiglas has a lot of desirable characteristics to make it very useful, and the biggest one of those is its strength to weight ratio.


Pretty Strong Stuff

strong weight lifter

Feel the Power

It’s a really strong and very durable and can last almost forever. And truth be told, when you need a construction material with those characteristics, then Plexiglas is just the ticket for you. As long as you take care to clean it the right way and not use one of those ammonia based spray cleaners in a bottle that will make turn Plexiglas cloudy looking, this material will deliver a lifetime of excellent service. Cool.

Yes, Plexiglas works great in construction. But the idea of Plexiglas does not work so well in regular life. And can actually cause some folks a lot of heartache; a lot of years spent in soul searching turmoil and create a virtual plethora of problems that don’t need to be created in the first place.

Just One Place

the universe

Everything Is In The Universe

The Universe is one place. Altogether, whole and indivisible. It’s kind of like the ocean. We give various names to different geographic parts of the body of water that covers most of our planet, but the truth is, if you look at a globe, you can see that its really just one big body of water.

ocean globe

All Connected

Yes, sometimes, it’s called the Pacific, or the Atlantic or the Caribbean or the Gulf Of Mexico or lots and lots of other names depending on where you live, but in fact, those are just names. There is really only one big, really big) body of water.

Like the Universe, everywhere at one time.

And the Universe consists of everything that there is. Trees, plants, kittens, emotions like love and gratitude, ourselves, sidewalks, all our thoughts, candles, candy canes; really everything that is, is part of the Universe. And just like the ocean that is really all connected in one big body of water, the Universe is all connected to.

everything everywhere

All Things Everywhere

Now, truthfully this is a little bit hard to see sometimes, but for all intents and purposes, it sure does look like everything is separate. It looks like the mailbox in front of your neighbor’s house is different from the hummingbird feeder in your backyard and those certainly seem to be different things than the emotion of gratitude you feel when your lost puppy returns home again.

But in fact, because everything, everywhere at its most basic level is made up out of energy, including what looks like empty space in between various things and everything is in the Universe because that is what makes it be the Universe, nothing is really separate for anything else. And if we could see the energy fields that make up everything there is, this would be a lot easier to see.
But for now, let’s just say that everything is connected and nothing is separate.

At some points in our lives, we understand this idea at a very simple level. We know when we are born that we are completely connected to the Universe, that we really didn’t go anywhere when we were born, we just kind of shifted focus. And we get to see everything in kind of the same way, when we pass on.

Uni = One

At these times in our lives, we see nothing out of the ordinary about being one with the Universe, because well, that’s what Universe means – one.

But at other times, we get this kind of odd idea that things are separate from each other.

  • That our dog is separate from us, even though he can sit at the door whining for you when you are still 3 miles a way in the car coming home from work
  • That our children are separate from us, even though they were formed from parts of our own bodies and spirits
  • And that somehow, by living here on the physical world, we have become separate from the supreme being of the Universe, from our spirit, from God.


home depot

The Home Depot

Now, since we weren’t born believing this to be the truth about our reality, somewhere along the way we must have learned it. Somehow along the way to growing up, we took our metaphorical selves on a trip to Home Depot or Lowes and picked up a giant sheet of Plexiglas that we proceeded to install around our lives. A sheet of plastic that we decided was important to keep ourselves believing that we are separate.

And lots of times, just like with Plexiglas, we think that the barrier between us and the Universe is much too strong and much too durable to break through. And we just go around living our lives forgetting that we are the ones who installed that barrier in the first place.

There is good news about this kind of barrier, though. This kind of wall between us and the Universe is not made out of real Plexiglas; it is in fact, a barrier of belief.

And beliefs are pretty much thoughts that we keep thinking over and over again until they become a part of our lives and we really don’t have to consciously think them anymore, because we “know" they are true.


And this means that we are free to change those beliefs, anytime we want to.

On occasion, this presents a bit of a difficult choice for some people.

A. We can keep the barrier in place, spending our days and nights trying to make it clean with a big spray bottle of an ammonia based cleaner, but really only making the Plexiglas cloudy so that it becomes difficult to see through


B. we can pack our sheet of Plexiglas into the truck, drive ourselves over to the home improvement store and exchange our belief in separateness for one of inclusion.

Pickup truck’s all gassed up and ready to go. Want to take a ride?

pick up

Let's Hit The Road

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34 Comments on “The Power Of Plexiglas”

  1. Jasmine

    Hello ALOL,

    I have been reading these Weekend Editions for quite a while and I really like them a lot. I look forward to getting my email now on Saturday and one of the reasons is so that I can see what you wrote.

    I like this one because I have been feeling bad lately. I feeling out of touch with my happiness and maybe it is because I feel seperate. Thank you for writing this and I hope your weekend is good too.

    1. Michael

      Hello Jasmine,

      Thank you for your kind words. That is very cool that you like the Weekend Editions and I am glad that you feel good stopping here for a bit to read. I hope you get to feel not so separate soon. That can be a lonely way to feel.

  2. Jupiter Jim

    You are so correct. We are all connected. No question. Unfortunately, we all tend to forget that many a day. When you dial a friend or family member out of the blue and they dial you at the Exact same moment, that’s being connected in a way that science still hasn’t explained. That’s why it’s necessary to look to the Metaphysical authors and philosophers that you enjoy so much such as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay!

    Thanks for the nice post!

    — Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..Backup custom_functions.php file in Thesis Theme 1.8 or 1.8.4 using FileZilla FTP ClientMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Jim. Those coincidences happen around us all the time. And we see them and re-affirm our connection to each other, that is a really excellent day. I do like Louise hay and Wayne Dyer, I can honestly say I have learned a lot from them, and that my life has become extraordinary as a result of studying their work. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words Gary. It is quite interesting the different ways we are connected. It is a great way to live to be connected.

  3. Lynn Brown

    Michael this is the most unique writing I have seen in a while. Your analogy and insight is amazing. Feeling of separation is certainly a human thing. I agree that our energy is a united one. In a business sense, we can put up walls or other blockades that keep us from achieving the success we are seeking.

    Appreciate you reminding us to keep the power and look past the plexiglass.
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Jumping into Action with Writing Your First Blog PostMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you, Lynn, for those very kind words. 🙂 It does seem like we put up so many walls, until its like we are living totally separate from everybody else. You are so right, it is exactly that kind of separation that keeps our success away from us. And its so much easier to live life without all walls, fences and plexiglas. 🙂

  4. Tom Burt

    I’m not sure I understand or believe that whole universe thing…but what I do know to be true is that only WE can change our circumstances. I mean if we complain everyday about our job, finances, or situation, then knock the plexiglass down and make a change! I have had to do this several times in my life and as a matter of fact I’m choosing to make a huge change in my life right now! Life is an adventure!

    Tom Burt recently posted..Easter ThoughtsMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Tom,

      You are exactly right, we are in charge of the change we want in our lives. And making that plexiglass go away works. Sounds like you’ve got some big things going on in your life, I hope your changes are going well for you. 😉

  5. Christi Johnson

    Michael, it’s funny. When we lived in Britain for my husband’s last assignment in the Army, I worked on the British economy. I used to do sponsorship sales…and I love it. I called India in the morning, South Africa in the afternoon, and Malaysia in the evening if we worked late selling plenary sponsorship spots. Because my work was on behalf of the Commonwealth, I came to understand a different side of US history and realized belatedly that the United States is also a part of the Commonwealth.

    The odd fact is that we don’t admit to being a Commonwealth nation, and we don’t participate in Commonwealth events….even though we are basically the most successful British colony to date. yes…I get it that we are independent now, but that doesn’t change our actual history. The Commonwealth does so many activities together that aid in education, technology, etc.

    I got the sense of LESS competition and MORE collaboration. It was a great experience that I would not trade for anything. Getting back here in 2009…returning to the competitiveness that often defines us made me really sad. What are we competing for anyway? We are all on the same planet and have access to the same resources. I love this article and hope that a lot of people get to read and understand that we’re connected on this earth and in time/space, and we should live like this is a fact.
    Christi Johnson recently posted..Stop PretendingMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Christi, thank you for your very kind words. You are so right, somehow we have divided the world into smaller and smaller parts, till we get to the point where we are living all by ourselves. I do think we each create our own experience of the world as a whole, but we are there with everybody else. Our individual worlds can be ever so much more enjoyable when we get to share them. 🙂

  6. Kostas

    Hi Michael,
    This post is really food for mind, it’s so true that we are all connected and we are made by the same ingredients. The world would be much different if we could realize it and act accordingly, but we like to put barriers everywhere, hope one day this will change…
    Kostas recently posted..Utilizing Google AnalyticsMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Kostas,

      We are connected, in a way that sometimes we don’t see at first. I think its the putting up of barriers that limits often limits our businesses and even our personal lives. You are right, it would be much different if we realized that the connection part is the foundation. 🙂

    1. Michael

      You’re welcome, tbaoo. 🙂 Could be it’s time to change, I’ve come to recognize most of the time now, when its time for me to get moving on my changes. I hope yours work well for you.

  7. Yorinda

    Hi Michael,

    a very interesting analogy you are providing in your insightful post!

    Yes, I agree, we are all part of the same Uni-verse.

    It is up to us whether we focus on differences and keep ourselves separate or look for commonalities and connect with the oneness.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Love and Light
    Yorinda recently posted..How to set up your Twitter Header PhotoMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Yorinda, you are right, it is up to us to decide to focus on differences or on commonalities, maybe some of each but not to the exclusion of the other. That could be the recipe for an even more wonderful life. 🙂

  8. nick catricala

    you are absolutely correct that we are all ONE… depending what background we have, we may not be aware… but deep down we all know that we are part of the ONE at all times.

    Your analogy (If I can call it this way) of the Plexiglas is an interesting one.. never thought that way.. very interesting and that made me reflect even deeper… I wondered, how many other similar type of Plexiglas barriers we have used in our lifetime.. hummmm.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and bring up such an important fact that exist so widely.
    Thanks again Michael.
    nick catricala recently posted..How do you handle life when a turn for the worse appear?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Nick. I do think we are all one, and are also having the experience of being unique individuals at the same time. I think about the Plexiglass analogy as being like recognizing that we are all One and are all Unique a the same time. That our putting up of these barriers is something we are taught to do from a very early age.

      We use them to tell each other about our personal space, about what possessions are ours and about how we think about interaction with the world and it is a good point to think about. especially in the way of habitual behavior, to see if that is bringing us what we want in our life or not. Thank you Nick, I always sincerely appreciate your insight. 🙂

  9. Stephen Borgman

    Michael, instead of plexiglass, how about a permeable plexiglass? Some of us have shut ourselves off too much to love and trust of self and others. But others of us may not have a good enough sense of boundaries. I’m thinking of relationships in which, for example, a partner may allow him or herself to be abused by the other partner, losing sight of his/her own personal rights. Or just setting limits with others in general.
    Stephen Borgman recently posted..Diagnosing Autism and Aspergers in AdultsMy Profile

    1. Michael

      A good point, Stephen. While I was reading what you had written, I thought of another True Story I could write, using “of all things” the idea of a semi-permeable membrane. When I taught science, I used to use an egg with the shell dissolved in vinegar, then place the egg itself in water and them into a hydrophobic substance like Karo Syrup.

      I think that idea has some definite merits for writing more about. Thank you very much. 🙂

    1. Michael

      I used to sub-title my site with “The truths of the Universe as told with common household objects” but that was kind of wordy. But that’s what I like to write here, how to understand the way life truly is in a way that makes sense.

      And I can honestly say, that every time I write one of these stories, my own understanding of life deepens considerably.

      Thank you for your kind words, I hope your day is going excellently. 🙂

  10. Lamont

    Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this information together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments.

  11. Garrett Rohner

    This is my first visit to your site and I have to say the way you express ideas is different from others I have read. All good, just different.

  12. Aston

    Everything we see in life is through our own way of believing. When we believe that we are connected, we will live our lives that way. if we instead choose to believe that everything we see is separate from everything else, that is how we will wind up living our lives.

  13. Napoleon

    So what you’re saying is that all separateness is an illusion, that we keep our own barriers in place?

    1. Michael

      Yes. That’s it exactly. We just like to use stories to illustrate those ideas, but the way you summed it up is perfect, Napoleon.

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