The Power Is Already There

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Hey, It's Really Dark In Here

It takes a bit sometimes to see. Sometimes a few knocks on the head, or stubbed toes, or bloody noses. We have a tendency to view these as signals from the Universe as a whole that maybe we need to do something other than what we are doing in order to find what we are looking for.

Many times, we interpret these events as signs or omens that we are totally on the wrong path; that we are going backward instead of forward; that we have turned a gushing fire hose onto that one little spark of intelligence that we had been granted as a boon from the Universe out there.

But those ideas are just our interpretations of what is actually happening. Not that what we are thinking is not relevant, because our thoughts are certainly creating our reality, but that what we are thinking is only that what we are thinking. It does not mean that what we see is what the rest of the world is seeing. As a matter of fact, it is pretty much one hundred percent certain that we are the only ones seeing our reality.

say whatHmm, sounds clear as mud.

How about this.

Let’s say there’s a room in our house, and in that room is a light switch. We know where the light switch is, we know there is electricity running through the wires, but we don’t see any light. As a matter of fact, because it is pitch black, we don’t see anything at all.

Just dark, and nothing but dark.

Now further assuming that right now, we are wishing that the room would be full of light; how could we make that happen?

There are surprisingly enough, a couple of choices. We could:

  • Wait until morning when the sun would provide some light
  • Take an axe and chop a hole through the wall so light outside could come in
  • Start a fire in the middle of the room
  • Flip the switch


Interestingly, there are a number of people who would choose each of those metaphorical solutions as the right one for them. And in truth, their choice is the right one for them, even if we ourselves might have chosen differently in similar circumstances.

So, here’s the part where the title of article comes into play.

The Power Is Already There

If we know that there is power available to be used to give us some light, why would we pick any other choice.

Flipping the switch is certainly the easiest way to bring light into the room, we don’t have to wait until the morning for the sun, there is no hole in the wall, and we still have a room that we did not burn down around us.

light switch

There's The Switch

We simply flipped the switch and the light appeared because the power was already on. It was just waiting there in the wires for us to come along and let it out into the room. You might even make up a circumstance in which the power was chomping at the bit, cheering us on with thoughts of Go GO GO, flip the switch RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.

You don’t get any extra points for doing things the hard way, no first place trophy for choosing the long way around to get what you want. The way you choose to get what you want (light, in this case) is your choice.

What would be the problem with getting what we want the easy way instead of the hard way?

Plenty, as it turns out in most people’s minds. We so often associate working hard to get what we want as a measure of how valuable that goal is to us. In all fairness, we are taught this over and over again by society, and it takes some different thinking to let go of that idea.

And its associated thought,


“Well, now that I have what I want, what do I do now?”


These two things, working in tandem, gang up on us to create the illusion that only hard work and struggle are worth anything, and that once we achieve our desire, we have nothing left to do and . . .


Honestly, though, the making of personal choices is a, well, a personal thing. And you get to choose what kind of choice you want to make. Just you, for real, honest to goodness, really.

You and you alone are responsible for the choices you make. If you want light in your room the hard way, go get that axe.

But if you want some light the easy way, flip the switch and let the power that is waiting there in the wire light up your room.


4 Comments on “The Power Is Already There”

  1. Maria

    Ah, a very nice reminder! It really is okay for things to be easy. And usually more fun too. 🙂

  2. Paige

    I grew up thinking that life was hard. We were always just scraping by and there was never any extra to go around. Not only that but we had to work hard, even us kids just to keep the little bit that we had. Now I see things don’t have to be that way. That I could believe things could be easy and no harm would come of that. Glad to know I am only 27 and not just getting ready to die.

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