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Celebrating The New Year

It seems like everywhere you look, you see folks writing about lists around the New Year. And a lot of those ideas circle about things you want to change in your life. Lists of habits you want to get rid of, behaviors you want to stop doing, all stuff to say no to.

It is a good thing to let go of things that no longer serve you in your life – no issue with that whatsoever. Things that worked well for you in the yesterday of your life might not be working to your highest good for you right now in the present.

No worries, those things are choices. And you are always free to make different choices than the ones you have right now. There is no rule that says you must keep on eating hot dogs with deli mustard when what you really want are big beefy hamburgers with lemon zest mayonnaise and extra onions. Choose as you wish, that is part of the wonder of life.

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If you are going to make a list, though, consider doing it a bit differently than what popular culture tends to dictate. Instead of making a list of things to get rid of out of your life, make a list of things you love and want in your life.

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A List Of What I Want

Now these could certainly be things that you are and have already. If you like the color and style of your hair now, put that on the list of things you love about your life. If you want to spend more time traveling to exotic locations around the globe, put that on your list.

If you really enjoy eating Chinese food while sitting on a bus bench outside the restaurant, then you know what, that is OK to put on your list. If you have always wanted to try that cool new Brazilian restaurant where they don’t serve anything except roasted meat, add that to your list of things you want.

If you make your list this way – writing down the things you want or already love first, and concentrate on those – you will find it ever so much easier to find things to let go of so that those things you really, really want have room.

Concentrate On What You Want

Not What You Do Not Want

As a matter of fact, when you concentrate on the things you do want, instead of things you don’t, you will see that many of those ideas and things and emotions and other miscellaneous detritus may even evaporate into nothingness without you ever having to lift a single finger. Physical or literal.

When you focus your thought energy on what you like, what you love and what you really want, there will be no energy left over to give life to the things you don’t.

And honestly, the plain truth is that it is a whole lot more fun to spend your time making lists of what you love instead of doing almost anything else. Well, with the exception of actually enjoying those wonderful parts you have created.

That is actually a pretty cool way to spend your ushering in the New Year time.


12 Comments on “The List”

  1. susan

    YES! This is so true! I really needed this reminder today, and just in time to “usher in the new.” Thank You so much for your gentle kindness, nudging me into what I really want.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Michael

      You are very welcome. THANK YOU for writing such kind comments. I am wishing you a wonderful New Year. 🙂

  2. Steve Borgman

    Michael, what a great idea! I love the idea of putting truly fun and desirous things on our To Do list. Once we start getting those things, we build momentum toward the rest of our goals while getting clearer on what we truly want.

    1. Michael

      Thank you Stephen. 🙂

      True enough, these are our lists, why not put what we want on them. I agree for sure, starting out takes some doing, but once we do that, the momentum helps keep us rolling in the direction we are aiming.

  3. Arnie

    This is a much better way to make a list that actually works instead of leaving me with a feeling of failure after I don’t complete my list items.

  4. Arnie

    Well, this just makes way more sense than any other kind of list to start a new year. I wish I didn’t have to wait.

    1. Michael

      You don’t need to wait, Arnie, the year is a circle around the sun. No stopping, no starting at any particular point on that journey. You can make a list today if you want, its your life, nothing is stopping you from doing that.

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