Zombie Days

Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. Samhain. Witches. Ghosts. Zombies. *Note to the reader. This article is about living in the present moment, like many of the articles here at ALifeOfLight.com, it just looks different. But in fact it does contain a most excellent message about life, light and positivity. Zombies are everywhere these days and most times all in good fun. … Read More

Looking Back To The Past

The path to the past is usually there where you can see it. But trying to spend our energy to travel back there or even to try and live there, doesn’t do us a lot of good. Spending our energy in our days right now in the present moment is a much better use of our energy. We can remember … Read More

Are We There Yet?

Who hasn’t had this experience? Either from a parent point of view or from a kid point of view. Here’s how it often works. You and your family decide you are going to go for a trip in the car. Maybe a long trip that is going to take a few days or maybe even just to the ice cream … Read More