Positive Thinking The Easy Way

Swimming through a world of negativity and junk, we start to believe that is true nature of the Universe. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, positive thinking is the norm because the Universe is a positive place, has always been a positive place and will continue to be that way in to the future because that … Read More

Simple Guide To Positive Thinking

It’s true, or so they say, that you get what you think about. When you spend your time lost in worry, or in a funk, or being angry at old past hurts and difficulties, you have way less time to spend on being positive in the present moment. Sometimes, we just can’t help it, those bad old thoughts pile up … Read More

How To Get Positive Thinking Tips

We live in the wired age. The digital age. The internet age. Connected every single minute of every single day. 24/7, online – all the time. We have the infinite knowledge of billions of individuals, of millions of generations past, of countless seekers and teachers available at our fingertips whenever we want. Not to mention, things like Words with Friends … Read More