A Life Of Gratitude

We are all taught to say think you for what we are given. It is a nice tradition and a part of the world of rules of polite society. Say “please” when we want something and say “thank you” when we receive it. But the idea that we need to be taught to say thank you in a particular situation … Read More

Zombie Days

Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. Samhain. Witches. Ghosts. Zombies. *Note to the reader. This article is about living in the present moment, like many of the articles here at ALifeOfLight.com, it just looks different. But in fact it does contain a most excellent message about life, light and positivity. Zombies are everywhere these days and most times all in good fun. … Read More

Open Your Gifts

When we arrive here in this lovely world, our hearts are open, we love easily and simply. Our minds are open, we see the truth in the words and the eyes of those around us. Our souls are open and readily bond with the love that others hold us in. That is our perfect state; open. On occasion, if we … Read More

The Power of Gratitude

Just a couple of whispered words can create an enormous amount of change in our live. The power of gratitude for helping us bring what we want into our days is incredible. Simple, proven, effective – being grateful for everything brings us more opportunities to be grateful. Not in an ugly way, like “You better be grateful for that food, … Read More