Making A Different Choice

Sometimes we get ourselves stuck in the idea that once we make a choice we need to live with that choice forever. That for some reason we can’t go about making a different choice. That’s just not true. Of course, each choice we make has consequences, some intended, some not. And some consequences are fabulous, and some, well, not so … Read More

No More Multi Tasking

One of the tricks of life is deciding what it is you want in your life to start with. Then letting go of those things you don’t. And that’s your job. It can only be yours; because everyone else is already taking care of their own lives. And no matter what they might be trying to tell you, they can’t … Read More

A Trip To The Deli

A true fact (as if there could be any other kind of fact) a trip to the deli is a wonderful experience. The warm homey aroma of wonderful home cooked food, the cases filled with luscious desserts, the seemingly endless list of sandwich variations, the pickles sitting all sliced up and ready to be put on the tables for appetizers … Read More

Points Of Attraction

Seems like there are a lot of pokey things in the world to see. There are mountains, and bins full of nails at the hardware store and the ends of the pointy ice cream cones when you bite them off and let the melted ice cream drip down sweet and cool onto your tongue. And some of the pointy things … Read More