Making A Different Choice

Sometimes we get ourselves stuck in the idea that once we make a choice we need to live with that choice forever. That for some reason we can’t go about making a different choice. That’s just not true. Of course, each choice we make has consequences, some intended, some not. And some consequences are fabulous, and some, well, not so … Read More

How To Get Positive Thinking Tips

We live in the wired age. The digital age. The internet age. Connected every single minute of every single day. 24/7, online – all the time. We have the infinite knowledge of billions of individuals, of millions of generations past, of countless seekers and teachers available at our fingertips whenever we want. Not to mention, things like Words with Friends … Read More

Building Your Dream

So this is what everybody is saying, you are in charge of building your own dreams. The process is simple, you decide what you want in your dream, imagine it, visualize it, affirm it and then it shows up, Right? Well, yeah. It’s a simple system, unless you go and try to find some additional explanation of how life works … Read More

Open Door Policy

Doors come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and materials. There are closet doors, garage doors, entry doors, pet doors, barn doors, bedroom doors, and even office doors. Doors can be made from wood, like oak, or made from steel or plastic or from Masonite or even on some rare occasions, stone. But for as many kinds of … Read More

Changing Old Beliefs

The idea that we are finished, once we have sorted out our beliefs and that we never have to examine them again is a very limiting idea. The truth is that the beliefs we grew up with may not serve us very well at all when we are grown. They might, but then again they might not and it is … Read More

A Trip To The Deli

A true fact (as if there could be any other kind of fact) a trip to the deli is a wonderful experience. The warm homey aroma of wonderful home cooked food, the cases filled with luscious desserts, the seemingly endless list of sandwich variations, the pickles sitting all sliced up and ready to be put on the tables for appetizers … Read More

Standing On The Scale

The scale is a great symbol for many things in our lives. It can represent justice. It can represent equality. It can represent the careful making of a decision by weighing all the options carefully. It can also represent a set of choices we make about our lives. Many people spend their days in a whirlwind of negativity. It is … Read More