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More Positivity, Please

It's true, or so they say, that you get what you think about. When you spend your time lost in worry, or in a funk, or being angry at old past hurts and difficulties, you have way less time to spend on being positive in the present moment.

Sometimes, we just can't help it, those bad old thoughts pile up in the attention paying area of our minds and we can't turn them off no matter how hard we try.

They spiral in on themselves creating this huge tornado of ugliness that permeates our minds and heats and souls. Till it seems like there is no room for anything else.

Our world is full of negativity. The TV, the internet, the newspaper, our friends, our families, all determined to fill our lives with negative thoughts and emotions. Anger, irritation, snarkiness, guilt, shame, snottiness. Where are the good thoughts that the Universe is made from? Where are the easy paths, the trouble free zones, the stress-less days and nights we were born into as our birthright?

Those positive things are still right there where they've always been, diligently constructing our world for us one present moment at a time. What so often happens, though, is that we tend to see the negative part first, because its often noisier, more persistent and clothes itself in the bright red colors of danger and dark colors of despair.

And those snatch up so much of our attention that we are left with the impression that negativity is all there is in the world. Sunlight, cats purring, kids playing, all those are over in the positive part of the world which just happens to be on the other side of the globe from where we are right now.

The way to switch the positions of the negative and the positive parts is simply by changing where we put our attention. Put our attention on the positive part and that jumps to the foreground sending the negative part to the back.

Easy to say, right? But how is this accomplished anyway?

In 3 simple steps

  • Decide you are willing to change
  • Pay attention more to positive things than to negative ones
  • Congratulate yourself on doing this and on how much better you feel

That first step is the hardest, for sure, but only because its the first step and you are basically inviting something new into your life. And even though you might have had a life filled with misery before, you still knew and understood it. It was comfortable in its ickiness and you knew you could count on its always being there.

Being willing to change is a big deal, and truthfully, you might have to remind yourself every once in a while that you do want something different in your life. But the second time you do that reminding, that's much easier.

The second step: paying more attention to positive things than negative ones is why I wrote and published this book -  Simple Guide To Positive Thinking

It's a book full of positive stories each of which will help fill your mind with positive thoughts. And each of them will put your attention on positivity instead of negativity. Each of the sections in the book is followed by a couple of things you can do to increase the amount of positivity in your life.

Check it out if you are looking to increase the amount of positivity in your life.

The third step is the most often overlooked; congratulating your self for making such a positive change in your life. We're taught early on to not praise ourselves but instead to let others do it for us. So we grow up with this idea that we shouldn't be proud of our accomplishments.

That's just not true, it is up to us to value ourselves. If we don't do this, then the odds of anyone else doing it are pretty small. We're talking about something small and simple here, one of those things where you just say to yourself, "Dang, that was different and I did it well. And I feel better for having done it."

And that's all it takes for your heart to want the opportunity to have more of those positive feelings.

The simple three step formula for filling your life with positivity:

1. Be willing to change

2. Pay attention to more positive things than negative things (this book can help you) - Positive Thinking Book

3. Congratulate yourself for doing something good for yourself.

Do this once and you will love the feeling you get so much, you will start looking everywhere around you for more opportunities to see more positivity in the world. And when you start doing that, your world will change.


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    1. Michael

      Its not so hard to think positively, you just need to give up the idea that you need to balance that thinking with some negative thinking.

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