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Short positive phrases for inspiration



A lot of people write a lot of words these days, especially on social media.

Well-meaning folks spend much of their time crafting positive quotes and messages or putting together posts packed with inspirational thoughts.

Words are everywhere in our daily lives, both online and offline. In podcasts, TV, movies, we hear many, many, many words spoken by many people. There is nothing wrong with that, words are good.

Words are like a bridge letting us share what we are feeling and thinking with others. They are perfect for that purpose.

But sometimes, in the gigantic ocean of words we experience in a day, some of the emotion gets filtered out as we search for the right words to perfectly express what we are thinking or feeling.

Some kind of switch turns on in our minds and we start using more and more words to describe what we are thinking and feeling instead of fewer words. We pile on word after word, sentence after sentence, message after message until we wind up using so many words that we filter out some of the thoughts and feelings we are trying to express in the first place. Almost like our original intention becomes covered over with extra words.

This doesn't happen time, of course, but when we are looking for the perfect way to say exactly what we mean, instead of paring down our words, we stick in some extra ones, thinking that we are making our meaning clearer to the person listening to us.

We do this even when our original meaning was short and simple; and end up losing some of our original intention. Its important to take a moment or two to think before we talk (or write) and decide which words we are going to use, so we don't wind up using all of them all at once.

So we put together a list of words and phrases that express ideas and feelings simply. No fillers, no fluff, just simple ideas expressed in simple words. Feel free to use these as you wish.

Important Ideas In Short Positive Phrases


Thank You


How Can I Help You

I Am So Happy To See You

Could You Help Me For A Moment

My Day Is Even Better Now That We’re Together


I Am Happy Being Here With You

How Are You

I Am Glad I get To See You

I Love You


Take these words, use them as many times as you wish; and if you really want to have a fabulous day, say them to someone while you are looking into their eyes. It is amazing how wonderful the both of you will feel.

As a matter of fact, as soon as you are done reading this, find someone and use some of these words in a conversation with them. That is a most excellent way to spend part of your day.

Interestingly, the more you use these words and phrases, the more opportunities to say them start showing up, and as the more opportunities to say these show up, the more wonderful your day becomes.

And stays that way.

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