Seeing is Believing Is Seeing

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believing Is Seeing

You can hear around many times that time honored phrase

“Seeing is Believing”

And while there is some degree of truth in that wording, in actuality the real way it goes is

“Believing is Seeing”

There is a big difference between those two phrases. Not just in the words but in the implied relationship. The first one could be the slogan of the state of Missouri, which is known as the “Show Me” state in the US.

The idea being that seeing is the final proof and without actually seeing something for yourself, you are not going to believe it if somebody tells you something. Sometimes this is not such a bad thing, like if you are going to buy a used car out of the want ads, you really want to see it first before you plunk down any cash for the vehicle.

Or if the house you want to buy is priced at such an incredible discount that you simply have to see it with your own eyes to make sure it’s not in the flight path of the jets as they land at the airport. Those are good ideas for sure. You really don’t want to buy a car with three wheels or a house in the landing pattern, no matter what kind of bargains you can get.


Falls A Little Bit Short

But where this first phrase falls a little bit short is in perception of other ideas.

Take how much you weigh, for instance. Many folks will just stand on the scale and say things to themselves like,

“See, I told you, you were overweight. And now here is the proof right in front of you or under your feet actually. You better get off the scale before it starts crying from you standing in on it for so long. It’s just incredible that you are so fat, look at those rolls of fat, you think you can hide it with those a sweat suit, Get real. You’re such a failure; its no wonder that everybody look sat you and points you out. You know what they are really thinking when you’re eating lunch.”
And on and on and on.

Part of you started believing that you realized you were way overweight only when you saw the number on the scale. But in truth, part of you already believed you were overweight before you even got up on the scale.

And that is how phrase number 2 works. “Believing is seeing”

Your Perception Counts

Your Perception Counts

You already believed that you were overweight or feared you were overweight or thought maybe you had gained some extra pounds since you quite going to gym. And then you stepped on the scale and Blammo, you saw exactly what you believed to be true.

Actually, the scale just gives you a number. And you make a decision about what you believe to be true after you see the number.

Some people go through life, covering up the scale, or cutting off the size tags in their clothing or avoiding mirrors because they already believe they are overweight, or too skinny, or homely or any of a number of other things that people think about themselves.

In truth, it’s probably more like “Believing is Seeing is Believing is Seeing . . . “


Where Did It All Begin?


It’s hard to remember sometimes where it all began.

But what’s good about it, is that your beliefs are under your control. You are quite free to believe however you want. And if you change your beliefs you will in fact, see things differently. And it doesn’t have to be about weight either.

We have beliefs about many things in our lives and sometimes, (maybe even most of the time) we look for proof of our beliefs, in an effort to be correct. It could be things we learned from our childhoods.

Some folks learned the belief that they were “Poor, but smart” or “Happy, but fat” “Nobody likes us because we live in this neighborhood but at least we have our pride”

There is actually no reason, since you are in charge of your beliefs, that you can’t change things around so that you might think something like “I am rich and intelligent” or “happy and beautiful” or “Everybody loves us”


You Get To Decide

They are your beliefs and you get to decide for yourself.

Can things like EFT, hypnosis or counseling help you get to where you want to go? Sure they can, and those all work well for some people. Maybe they all don’t suit each person in the world, but that is why there are so many choices of things.

And your choice of beliefs or ice cream or what car you drive or anything else is exactly that – your choice. Just another one of the delightful parts of living in this Universe.


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  1. Macy

    Everything is connected when what we see is what we believe and what we believe is what we see. Thank you.

  2. Braley

    Its like you read my mind! I was just reading about perception and how it affects our lives and here is a post from you about that same thing. Wicked cool

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