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The Science of Getting Rich is one of those timeless classics of the New Thought philosophy. Originally published by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910, it has been made popular once again in the 21st century by many people including Rhonda Byrne in the book and movie The Secret.

The book itself is written in the standard English of the time and sometimes is a bit difficult to read and digest. Not terribly so, but some of the phrasing is quite different from the more modern writing of today.

Ian Crossley has made a "translation" of the SOGR book into Plain English and makes that freely available on his website at

One of the main tenants of thought in the book is that an individual is in charge of his own thoughts. And that if you desire to have certain things show up in your life, then yu need to think in a certain way. This goes for wealth, and health and just about everything else that exists.

This way of thinking is along the lines of what James Allen writes about in "As A man Thinketh" and that title is taken from the Bible in the book of Proverbs.

Take a moment to check out this article and maybe you will decide that reading The Science OF Getting Rich In Plain English will be the right thing for you to do as well.

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