Prince Ea – I Am NOT Black. You are NOT White

Prince Ea, the stage name of Richard Williams, from St. Louis, USA, has a lot to say about who people are. In this spoken word performance video he talks about labels. How we are taught from the time we are born to see the apparent differences between people instead of the similarities. Very powerful stuff.

His style would be considered more conscious hip hop, or political hip hop and fits into the underground classification of hip hop music. he doesn't write or perform songs about the usual memes extant in regular rap music, most of which are extraordinarily violent at worst, and misogynistic at best.

This video has gotten a great deal of attention on Facebook and on Youtube, and mostly because it is a mature work with a lot of heart. The primary message of this prose poem fits right in with the main ideas of The idea that who we are is most easily revealed from the inside and that what we look like on the exterior is of little relevance to who we are as human beings.

This message of oneness is one of the core messages of Jesus, the Buddha and almost every other spiritual figure who has ever lived on this earth. In Prince Ea's video this idea is brought to the forefront not from the words alone but from the numerous people who are part of the video itself.

The people in the video look different from each other, but they only "look" different. In fact, the words of the song emphasize that no matter how people appear on the outside, inside it is impossible to tell the difference.

This is good work done by a good guy. We do not know him personally, just from his online footprint, which is pretty big. The video itself is under 5 minutes long and well worth watching to the end.



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  2. Reza Mohammed

    Evening ladies and gentlemen I would like to know the name of the soundtrack for the poem I am not black

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