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positive thinkers

Sometimes it might seem that our world and the entire internet are full of nothing but snarky comments made by bitter people on stories designed to focus our attention on how bad the world is.

But the truth is, that is just not how the world really is. It just seems that way.

We wanted the opportunity to share the stories of some of the most positive thinking people we have met knowing that they have a lot to share with the world.

What we found is that the law Of Attraction was working well for us and lots and lots and lots of very positive people appeared as if by magic. Frankly, so many positive people appeared that we could really spend all day and night interviewing them.

What a dilemma. 🙂

One of the things about this Universe we live in, is that there really is no shortage of anything. and focusing on our attention on what we want instead of what we are afraid we are going to get is the perfect way to bring that into our lives.

Whether we repeat affirmations, use meditation, or some other technique, when we concentrate our attention on the positive aspects of what we want more of, we tend to get that.

The truth, when we sat down and really focused on the kind of people we wanted to focus on here in the positive Thinkers section, we were overwhelmed with the number and quality of the response we received to our inquiries.

And incredible blessing.

Check out their stories, each individual, and each using the power of positive thinking in their lives every day.

Positive Thinking People

Doug Petersen Positive Thinkers


Doug Petersen is an inspirational speaker and workshop leader, an award winning author and a genuine hero. Read more about his story and the positive work he carries out in the world.

Doug Petersen Interview




Hugh Liddle


Hugh Liddle has been working in the field of sales and sales coaching for more than 40 years. His goal is to change the world's perception of sales people and to create a world of positive sales professionals.

Hugh Liddle Interview




Schaub and VanOosterhout

Amanda Schaub and Shane VanOosterhout help small businesses with their social media marketing. They are located in Michigan and work with clients in any geographic location. They go to work everyday determined to add an extra measure of positivity to the world online and succeed awesomely.  Amanda Schaub and Shane VanOosterhout Interview


positive thinkers


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