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The Internet's Most Positive Blogger - I like this title, so I thought I would write an explanation of how I came to be called the most positive blogger on the internet.

One of the things I did after leaving teaching was work at a newspaper selling advertising. It was interesting work but kind of hit or miss in keeping up a steady sales volume.

Print does not do well these days in the age of the internet. The paper was a mix of counterculture and political controversy. This made it even harder to sell ad space.

The editor/publisher and I became friends while I was working there as the Sales Manager while the paper itself was winding down in its old age. He left shortly after I did but we stayed online friends mostly through Facebook.

My writing has "most" always been on the positive side and I spend most of my writing energy talking about ideas that I think make the world a better place. I can honestly say not everything I have ever written has been positive, but 99.9% of what I write now is about positive thinking ideas.

The Most Positive Blogger On The Internet

So even though my newspaper publishing friend was basically a political muckraker, he liked my site at and the way I wrote, so he gave me the title of the most positive blogger on the internet. This was a big deal for him, because even though he was my friend, he was one of the most negative thinking people I have ever met. he deliberately sought out the worst sides of people and then spread those observations all over with his newspaper and the internet.

With a little bit of conversation it was easy to find out that he had a had a number of troubles in his life. His daughter had died of a terrible wasting away disease like Lou Gehrig's and his wife was an addict.

Maybe you've known like that who had started out as a happy-go-lucky sort of person and wound up bitter and sad. He was that way, but I could look into his heart and see how his true self was. So we became friends.

He liked the way I wrote, frankly I was better at writing than selling ad space for a print newspaper and he thought I needed a nickname. So back when Klout was still a thing, he logged into mine and gave me the label of The Most Positive Blogger On The Internet. I liked that idea and decided that I would live up to that idea and that name.

It has been a joy, frankly and has brought me in contact with some of the most extraordinary people online and offline.

Over the time I have been publishing on ALOL; I have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to the people who subscribe to my positive email service. If you have ever been on a subscription list like Mike Dooley’s from , that is the style I write in.

When I open up my email and read what someone has written back to in response to one of the messages I have sent out, I am always humbled and honored.

But the real truth is; I think I am the one who has benefited more from writing on a consistent basis than anyone else. So much so that my suggestion is that if you are a blogger, that you might benefit from the free blogging challenge my friend Sarah Arrow runs right here ---> Sarah’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

With each post I write, each email I send, my ideas become clearer and clearer and I find each of my days becoming more powerful and positive.

I know it is a good thing to write consistently, it is something that Brenda Ueland espouses, but sometimes it was if my brain was going to sleep when I sat down at the keyboard.

Too bad too, because I deprived myself of the opportunity to engage in something I have loved doing for a very long time. I deserve to feel good about what I do, as does everyone. For me, writing is a pleasure.

I do write novels and non-fiction and sometimes for other people as a ghostwriter. But writing about the positive ideas in life is where my heart truly resides.

When I keep my writing focused on the idea of positivity I have awesomely positive days and I have never had as much fun as now. I will be forever grateful to Dean (the publisher) for giving me the title of the internet’s most positive blogger. And I will spend each day keeping that idea alive in my writing.

If you would like to find out about more positive posts here or other awesome positive ideas, books, videos or products, sign up with your name and email here, and I will send some your way.

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  1. Hugh Liddle

    Michael, you are, indeed, the most positive person on the internet or anyplace else. A Life of Light lights up my day every single morning. It’s the first thing I read. Looking forward to your appearance on Sales Chalk Talk on Tuesday, March 10th at 8:00 PM at Everyone should listen to your Chalk Talk interviews. You are one of our very favorite guests…certainly the most positive one!! Love ya, Michael!!
    Hugh Liddle recently posted..Separate the Wheat from the Chaff!My Profile

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