Positive Affirmation Systems

You are creating your life with your thoughts.

This means you can change what you think

  And Create Something Better

For some people, their lives are awesome and they are completely content with what they have created. But lots of other people don’t feel that way. Maybe you don't have enough money in your life, maybe you want to lose weight, develop a better relationship or even quit smoking.

All of our actions in the world begin in thought and when you change your thoughts, when you deliberately change the way you are thinking, you can create the life of your dreams.

You can have more money, less stress, more success, stop drinking, find more love; all these and more are within your grasp right now; and all you need to do is change the way you think.

You can let go of your habitual thoughts and then go on to create the life of your dreams rather than the life of your nightmares.

But because our thinking habits are so deeply engrained in our lives, sometimes it is not so easy to change and then we need some assistance.

That’s what we are offering here, a systematic way to practice changing your thoughts one day at a time so that you can create a new, more positive and delightful life full of exactly what you want.

The best way to create new patterns of thought is to practice thinking new specific thoughts on purpose until those new thoughts become your new habit. This is what people mean when they talk about practicing positive affirmations.

You practice thinking these new ideas until they become the way you think all the time because . . .

When you think in new ways, your life will change to reflect those new ideas.

To help you make the changes more effectively, we’ve put together a 21 day system of using these positive affirmations. Each day for 21 days you will receive an email which contains a link to a private page on our website where you find not only the Positive Affirmation for the day but complete and clear directions, an introduction to the affirmation, a short meditation, a stunning image handpicked to go with the day's affirmation and a specific action to take to help make the affirmation an integral part of your thinking.

By the time you have finished the affirmation course, your life will be changed.

We’ve created Positive Affirmation Systems in 8 specific areas of life: Health, Wealth, Love, Success, Weight Release, Less Stress, Smoking Cessation, and Stopping Drinking.

Each 21 day system costs $29.95 and we have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can make sure this works for you.

However, from now until February 3, 2016, we are offering a price rollback to 2015 prices which means that each program is only $19.95

Please select your program and press the Click Here button. You will be on the path to changing your life for the better.


21 Day Positive Affirmation System for achieving vibrantly good health
Click Here for Health
21 Day Positive Affirmation System for increasing your wealth and abundance
Click Here for Wealth
21 Day Positive Affirmation System for creating the love you've been searching for
Click Here for Love
21 Day Positive Affirmation System for filling your life with  delightful success
Click Here for Success

ivak-sun-less-stress-icon-60Less Stress
21 Day Positive Affirmation System for releasing stress from your life
Click Here to Release Stress
ivak-sun-quit-smoking-icon-60Smoking Cessation
21 Day Positive Affirmation System for letting go of your smoking habit
Click Here for Smoking Cessation
ivak-sun-stop-drinking-icon-60Stop Drinking
21 Day Positive Affirmation System for stopping drinking alcohol
Click Here to Stop Drinking
ivak-sun-weight-loss-icon-60Weight Release
21 Day Positive Affirmation System for releasing the weight you want to let go of
Click Here for Weight Release

Disclaimer: Just to be clear here, nobody at A Life Of Light is a doctor, lawyer, counselor or any other kind of health, financial or legal professional. What we do is provide education to people who want to change the way they think so that they can go on to create the life of their dreams. When you make any changes in your life, you must be clear on this idea: any changes you make are a result of your own thoughts and actions. You alone are responsible for your life. Please make sure you consult the appropriate professional as necessary before beginning any kind of change.

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