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Things That Are Pointy

Seems like there are a lot of pokey things in the world to see. There are mountains, and bins full of nails at the hardware store and the ends of the pointy ice cream cones when you bite them off and let the melted ice cream drip down sweet and cool onto your tongue.

And some of the pointy things you really don’t want to be touching. Stuff like the spines on the cactuses, and the wires that come out of your tires when you get a flat on the highway and acupuncture needles when you are the one getting all of them stuck into you.

But there are some particular pointed things that are good for us, that make us feel good and that bring benefit into our lives. Like, the sun. That is often pictured as a circle with point of light coming out from it, much like the symbol we use here for A Life of Light.

a life of light

A Life of Light

Very benign points of light, not overly sharp, not going to hurt you in any way and all in all pretty healthy for you in normal amounts. (We can save the discussion on over-tanning for another day).

Points Of Attraction

And points that are good for us appear in a number of ways. There are points of light and points of discussion and most importantly to the way we live our lives, points of attraction. These points of attraction are symbolic for the entire law of attraction. They symbolize exactly how the process works. And how it works in a way that makes sense in our world.

How Does This Work?

Lots of time, you read things about the Law of Attraction and you wonder to yourself how any of what you are reading is going to make any sense in your life. You read about affirmations and vision boards and gratitude journals and while you are reading about these things you are wondering to yourself if any of these ideas really make any sense and if they really work.

The thing about most of those ideas is that they do make sense, but only if you understand the background behind them. Many times, a particular teacher will find a specific technique that works fabulously for them, but when they try to teach the technique to other people, it kind of falls short of success. Not because there is anything wrong with the technique, but because it works in a particular way for one particular person. And then the assumption gets made somewhere along the way that that one way must work for everyone in the same particular manner.

all differetn

We're All Different


But that kind of thought rarely bears much fruit. The techniques do work, but eventually, if you want to experience success with them, you must adapt them to your own way of thinking and your own way of taking action. Then they work just fine. Maybe you like a specific style of picture on your vision board that is radically different from the ones that are on the vision board of the person you learned from. No problem, it’s still a vision board and the process will work if you like hand drawn images and the other person likes photographs.

The idea of the vision board still works. And it works a whole lot better when you use the style of images that you prefer rather than copying the style of the teacher.

So what does this have to do with points? Specifically points of attraction. Good question.

Points of attraction that you use when you are working with the Law of Attraction are specific to you. Certain things will attract you and you will attract certain things to you. The results seem radically different, but the process is the same and here is how it works.

Let’s use the thought of gratitude for thinking about this analogy because that is a pretty universal type of thought that lots of people want more of in their life. The idea that feeling more gratitude creates more opportunities for things to show up in your life to be grateful for.

point of attraction

Point of Attraction

And let’s think about your life as a big ball. You think a thought of gratitude and instantly a point of attraction appears. Next, a beam of energy shoots out from the pointiest part of the point and sends gratitude energy out into the universe. The Universe, being a place where like attracts like, instantly sends back a beam of gratitude energy to you. Could be this energy manifests itself as a pleasant feeling, could be a cool new car, could be somebody gives you a  quarter so you can get your snack out of the vending machine at work. But whatever the Universe’s response is, it shows up as a point of gratitude.

2 points

2 Points!

Right beside the point you started with. So now there are 2 points that you can use to send more gratitude energy out into the Universe. And you know that since you sent out 2 beams of gratitude energy, you are going to get back 2 more.

Then you have 4 points of attraction from which to send gratitude energy into the Universe. And of course, this means that 4 come back.

8 points

More, More, More Points !!

And then 8 go out and 8 more come back and then 16 and then 32 and on and on and on, until your entire life is filled in an exponential manner with points of attraction of gratitude. And because this works in an exponential manner, the more gratitude you create in your life, the more opportunities you have to express even more gratitude.

It’s a wonderful idea. And it works. Sure, the details of each person’s dream might be a bit different, but the idea that you can create a life full of whatever you want by using the exponential power of the Law Of Attraction is the same no matter what your actual personal dream is.

Dream on, friend. The Law of Attraction is waiting to double, redouble, and re-redouble your desires, over and over again. All day, every day, just for you. :-)

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