Permission to Succeed

Who needs to live their life paralyzed from taking action because they have a fear of success? The short answer is - nobody.

True enough, our lives do have ups and down, failures and successes, but there is no reason to fear either of those outcomes. Self-sabotage, fear of success, whatever name we call it prevents us from enjoying the success we so much deserve. People are occasionally afraid of failing and that is why they don't take action when action is called for.

But more common is this fear of success, but that keeps us paralyzed in place just the same as fear of failure.

Understanding that we alone can give permission to succeed is an awesome understanding. Being in charge of our lives makes us powerful. Well, perhaps more accurately, helps us understand how powerful we already are, but either way, we deserve to succeed.

Try saying this as an affirmation today:

I am powerful enough to succeed and love my success.



permission to succeed

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