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On The Beach

Every year in the heart of San Diego, the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club stages a tournament. It’s a sport kind of softball and kind of like baseball and they play it on the beach. They have been doing this for 58 years and the teams which compete in this tournament take it very seriously,

This beach sport is called Over The Line and it’s played with pretty simple equipment. A bat and a ball. The ball is kind of like a softball and the only person who can wear a glove is the batter. There are only 3 people on a team.

It is a San Diego beach tradition and has become popular in many parts of the world.

But why is it here on a page on the A Life Of Light website?


For a really simple reason. The way the game is played.

A team scores points by a batter getting a hit. One team has 3 fielders out on the field to catch the ball if the batter hits it. The team that is up to bat has 2 batters and a pitcher. That means that the pitcher pitches the ball to his or her own teammates. So rather than the pitcher and the batter being on opposite teams the way it is in most other bat and ball sports, the pitcher wants the batter to get a hit.

Actually, the more hits the pitcher helps the batter gets, the higher the score for that team. The pitcher and the batter are working together the whole time a team is up to bat to get the best score possible.


square face

Oh, cool. A Metaphor!

The game is actually a pretty cool metaphor for getting what you want in life, it just takes a little bit of lateral thinking. An ability to see a set of circumstances in a bit of a different light.

In most bat and ball games, the pitcher is actively trying their best to prevent the batter form getting a hit. They are at odds and each of them has a different purpose during the course of the game. But in Over the Line, those 2 people must work together to get the most benefit possible out of the situation.

Sometimes, when we talk about people working together, we think about things like units of work. Like if Person A can put in 3 units of work and Person B can put in 4 units of work, you have 7 units of work altogether.

3 units + 4 units = 7 units


But It Can be Different . . . A Lot Different

When the two individuals are working together for a common purpose, the 3 units and the 4 units add up to be a whole lot more than 7 units. Maybe 18 units, or 22 or even in some cases 138. It is the adding together that creates extra units of work energy to make the final outcome way more than the sum of the parts. That’s synergy, and it is a powerful idea.

3 units + 4 units + common purpose= SYNERGY


Let’s think for a moment about how we get what we want from life. Many times, you will hear people talking about how they


  • Overcame great obstacles
  • Climbed up the ladder of success one toenail at a time
  • Sacrificed their entire life

all in pursuit of one particular dream.

It is almost as if they were trying to succeed in spite of all the other parts of their lives taking place. Kind of like they had to argue with the Universe, wrest what they wanted out of the hands of somebody else and trudge along the path to their success which was littered with the carcasses of their opponents, friends and family who just happened to be standing in the way of their dreams.

Not a lot of synergy going on there.

It is almost like 3 units of work produced one 1 unit of results and success only came through the exertion of endless hours of blood, sweat and tears. Kind of you and the Universe are on opposite sides when it comes to fulfilling your life dreams.

you fighting universe

Fighting With The Universe

Blecch, doesn’t sound like so much fun.


Back To The Beach

But what if we thought about the playing positions as if we were playing a game of Over the Line. And just shifted the playing positions around a little bit put you as the pitcher and the Universe as the batter.

And since you are now both on the same team, you can work together to score as many points as possible.

You decide that maybe you want to learn how to be a llama farmer as your goal in life and put that idea out to the Universe. The Universe winds up and swings and the ball goes foul which in Over the Line is an out. No worries. Lots of outs and lots of innings to play yet.

Now maybe the next pitch you serve up is about you joining a monastery in Nepal. Toss that thought over to the faithful Universal batter and it's a popup right to one of the fielders.

over the line swing

Swinging For The Rafters

But next you toss up a nice ball to your favorite batter about you wanting to be the author of a great online program that would help all kinds of people to elide their life goals and before you know it KAPOW, that ball goes flying right over the heads of all the fielders.

All 3 scenarios, nice, not hurting anyone, and helpful to your dreams and those of the world as a whole; but only one of them turns into a home run. But the truth is, that it might not have been the online program but the idea after that or the one after that. All good, all fine, and so much easier for you to realize when you see that you are playing on the same team as the Universe.

It is so much easier to score points and play in a game that is fun and exciting when you are not fighting with the entire cosmos all at the same time.

Just a small shift in the way we view a game can make such a huge difference in the outcome. It would be OK today to decide whose team you want to play on.

There is one more spot left on the team and the Universe is waiting for you to decide which team to play on.

happyNo time like the present to choose.


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