Old Thoughts Vs New Thoughts

Just when you start to think that you can slide those thoughts under the rug, so the Universe won’t hear them, you find that everything you have ever said or ever thought or ever dreamed is still out there in the never-ending memory of the Universe.

Doesn’t matter how you think about getting rid of those ugly thoughts; how you want those evil conjectures to get back into the bottle from whence they came, they are not going back in.

Once you think them, they are thought, and there is nothing you can do to make them cease to exist.

Big But

(And like people say sometimes, that’s a really big but :-))

There are plenty of things you can do to remove the power from those bad, ugly, evil, mean, snot-nosed thoughts that everyone seems to have tucked away in the bottom of their hearts. Ready to take out at a moment’s notice to beat yourself with. As a matter of fact, many people keep special ugly thoughts about themselves in a ready room. And when they need to feel bad about something, they can make that old ugly thought re-appear at the speed of light.

This is the kind of thing where, if you have ever had thoughts like these, then you know how familiar they can be.

  • “Oh man, this always happens to me.”
  • “I knew the restaurant was going to be full before we got there, but could I bother calling ahead, noo.”
  • “I knew I should have gotten the small size dinner, I am always such a pig when I go out to eat.”
  • “I am going through the same relationship for the 20th time in a row. Same scenario, different faces.”

All those thoughts are really new manifestations of the same old habitual thought patterns you have been thinking forever.


Habits Can Be Hard To Stop

And because thinking this way is a habit, it is really hard to stop.

Fortunately, for us, we don’t have to stop. Trying to stop thinking a particular thought is like trying to NOT think about the delicious, snappy crispy taste of fresh French fries hot and salty.

Doesn’t work so well.

But what you can do is think new thoughts.

Oh wow, underwhelming, it sounds. (Nodding to Yoda for the speech pattern ?

However, it is the truth. You absolutely cannot make the old thoughts go away, and you can’t stop thinking them, so what is it you are supposed to do to change.


What Can I Do To Change

Start thinking new thoughts.

Fill your head, your mind, your heart, your soul with something new. Not to drive the old icky thoughts out, you won’t have to spend a single ounce of energy doing that. All you really have to do is fill that space the old thoughts are taking up, with new thoughts about what you want instead.

The old thoughts won’t disappear and you can’t make them go. Instead you invite new things into your life. Things that you like. Ideas that make you happy. Feelings that make your heart soar instead of sinking to the ground with a thud.

  • Difficult the first few times? Sure it is.
  • Kind of hard, the next few times? You bet.
  • Easier with practice? Absolutely.
  • Feeling much better when you have a new thought pattern that makes your heart smile at the thought of sailing through a new day? Outstandingly fabulous.

Start now.

No need to hunt down those old thoughts to tear them up by their roots. Just start new, right now.

Fill your life up with great new thoughts. Stop fighting with yourself and your thoughts and put your energy into creating something you really want instead of giving all your attention to things you don’t want.

You can start right now. It’s a lot more fun than beating yourself up again.


10 Comments on “Old Thoughts Vs New Thoughts”

  1. Robin

    Very well put! Simple, to the point & makes a great deal of sense. Thanks so much for the reminder!

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      Mesquite trees in the desert do this. They keep their leaves all winter because it is pretty mild. And in the spring, the new leaves start growing on the same branches as the old leaves and bit by bit you can’t see the old leaves anymore. And then one day you look out the window and the tree is completely full of beautiful new spring green leaves.

      And no more old leaves in sight.

      But its not like the tree is mad at the old leaves, its just time for some new ones. 🙂

  2. Bette Niderost

    I have found that if I accepted and love my bad thoughts, and say we are all loved they (the thoughts go away)then just think of all the good that is in your life. Love Bette

    1. Michael

      Thank you for taking the time to share your comment. 🙂

      I have found that if I accept where I am as a starting place, (like I have these thoughts that are bringing me stuff I don’t want) that it is far easier to get where I want to go.

      But if I just yell at myself for being where I am now, that is all I ever do. I use up all my energy yelling at myself and have none left for my journey of change.

      More love and acceptance of myself is a good thing.

  3. michelle

    I am trying this now, and yes it is hard, especially when life gets in the way. BUT, I will keep at it, because I truely believe it to be the truth. Thanks for the reminder today. Michelle

    1. Michael

      Thank you your comment and being willing to share your thoughts. 🙂

      Changing habits is kind of a hard thing to do sometimes. What I found out for myself was it was really hardest to discover what my habits were that were not serving me so well.

      And then it was a bit hard to decide that I really wanted to change them. I had so much invested in them, that they just had to be right, and I was not doing enough to make those habits work. Kind of like pushing on the door marked “Pull”.

      I could have been pushing on the door all day long, not getting anywhere or I could just decide to do something different.

  4. Keith R Dearborn

    Thank you for a realistic approach to “Those” thoughts. Each morning at age 82 I look at myself in the mirror and perform what I call my Tintinabulations. They are as follows: “I am thankful for the morning light; I am thankful for my strength and food; I am thankful for the joy of living(Chief Tecumseh); I am whole, complete, Joyful, Energetic, Ito and Chowa (one with the universe and in harmony with same) and I have a heart as big as all outdoors full of love for all humans and entities on this globe (especially my 4 dogs). I have unreserved love for the Keith inside the body I’m looking at in the mirror. I feel the chills running through my body(love) when I say the last statement.This sets up my day and it fills my mind with positive, loving thoughts.

    1. Michael

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. 🙂

      Life is good and light and fills hearts. I like one of the cards from Louise Hay’s deck. “I am one with the Power that created me, and that Power has given me the power to create my own circumstances.”

      I really like your mirror statement. thnak you for sharing it.

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