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A collection of positively awesome quotes and motivational images.

Motivational quotes and images downloads, especially when those downloads are free are one of the greatest inventions of the internet.

Click on each image and a larger image version will appear. Please feel free to browse, share or download any of these images.

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Honestly, whether they are available on Facebook or any of the websites which offer inspirational quotes for work, or for employees of students, the visual impact of those pictures make the words doubly or even triply powerful. While it is true the internet runs on words (which anyone searching for an image on Google images can tell you), it is the images that go along with the quotes that create the meaning.

That’s the biggest reason we created this page, packed to the roof with life quotes combined with pictures so we could have something inspirational to share with anyone who came to our website.

Motivational Quotes With Pictures For Facebook

Whether we like to admit it or not, one of the greatest sources of awesome image quotes is Facebook. People love to the share pictures they find beautiful and even better if those pictures have poignant and meaningful words on them.

When you click any of the images on this page, they will open up into a larger version for easier viewing and a selection of social media buttons will appear. Click on any of those buttons to share to that network.

Or if you prefer to download the image and upload it to your page later, then make sure you click on the download button.

Motivational Quotes In English

All these quotes are in English. For some that was not the original language, they were written in, so other translations available online may differ. But the beauty of the original language bursts forth from each inspirational image, ready to brighten someone’s day.

Words are the currency of the internet. We use them each day to share ourselves with our friends. But when you combine awesomely positive images with soul-stirring quotes, you have a recipe for changing your day and untold numbers of others.

Please enjoy these images responsibly.  🙂

motivational images gallery

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