Miserable In Advance

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I'm Rreally Worried

One of the things that people like to do is worry.

That sounds like a strange thing to say, that people like to worry, but it is true an astounding number of times. Well, actually, even having it be true once, seems to be quite an amazing number.

Some folks have even invented ways to help people do their worrying. You can get yourself a worry doll, a set of worry beads to keep track of all your worries and even worry stones which are kind of flat with a small depression in theme where you put your thumb to rub it back and forth while you worry.

On top of those things, worries are also part and parcel of people’s lives. People worry


  • If they think they are going to run out of gas
  • If the ozone layer is getting depleted
  • Who is going to win the election
  • Who is going to lose the election
  • If their day is going to go well
  • if they weigh too much
  • If they weigh too little
  • If they never weigh themselves at all


There is literally nothing about which somebody somewhere is not worrying. It is simply a constant state of affairs in life. And if people don’t have something to worry about, they start to worry that things are going so good, that soon something bad is going to happen to them.

In short, when you worry, you truly have no way to win or no way to lose, as the case may be


If what you are worrying about comes true, then you have the vindication of telling yourself and anyone who will listen to you that you were RIGHT all along.

And if what you were worrying about does not come true, you can always tell yourself and anyone who will listen that we lucked out this time, but we have to be prepared because this good fortune cannot last forever.


Worry Makes People Miserable In Advance


So Much To Do, So Little Time

Why is worry so popular? Why would people want to be miserable in advance by making up situations which may or may not come true? People rarely worry about good things coming true, those they either anticipate or are surprised at when they appear.

And interestingly, worry is a good thing. And even better, when the things we worry about actually turn out to be the way things really are.

Yes, worry is a very good thing.

Well, OK, it is a good thing only in the very literal sense by which we see a basic truth of how the Universe works in a small everyday activity that most people are familiar with.

Why Worrying Is A Good Thing

Worrying is a great act of affirmation. It is positive proof that the Law of Attraction really works and we all know about it. We see the proof in our lives. We worry about something that might seem to be very far fetched and we worry and worry and imagine what our lives would be like if this horrible thing showed up there for real.

We can think the same thought over and over a thousand times a day (almost once every minute) and by doing so give it a weight and a power that almost guarantees that it is going to manifest itself into our physical existence – sooner rather than later.


Good News About Worry

That’s really good news for anyone who is having a bit of trouble believing that they really can manifest things into reality by the power of their thoughts. Constantly worrying about things that are not in your present physical reality and then seeing them show up there is an excellent way to start believing in the power of your own thoughts.

We all know at some level in our innermost hearts that this is exactly how the Universe works. We think about it, imagine it in our lives, see ourselves in the future with the results of our thoughts and then we see those things show up. It’s pretty simple.

Where the disconnect comes is not in the believing that this is how it really is, but in the believing that we are worthy of good things, not just bad things. Its not like visualization doesn’t work for us, it’s that we are not convinced that we are worth the very best that life has to give us.

Changing how the Universe operates is not your job. It already is that way; you might as well make the best of it. Really, make the best of it, not the worst of it, not the halfway kinda sorta OK of it, but the best.


You Are Worth It

You are worth it. You deserve it. And once you set your mind to the idea that you are worthy of having and doing wonderful things, those wonders and miracles that seem so far away right now, will start to show up in your life on a much more frequent basis.

Do it. Don’t worry about it. Just do it. Anticipate great things instead of awful things and watch how much better your life becomes. It is a very cool thing to experience.

And once you learn that you are wothy of the very best in life, you will never want to go back to thinking any other way at all.

Ever. Period. End of (old) story.


6 Comments on “Miserable In Advance”

  1. Debi

    Wow – I think you wrote this one just for me today! What I really appreciate about this great article is that you didn’t just name the issue we all have (some more than others!), rather put a spin on how we can shift perspective and use it as a positive tool. And of course, the underlying soundtrack of unworthiness and retelling our old story really reminded me of the work I’ve yet to do. Thank you.

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Debi. It’s like we are taught from birth that the only “real” way to deal with the future is to worry about it and to fill our lives with fear. But truthfully, when we worry about something and picture it as coming true in our lives – and then it does – that is evidence that the power is real of us being able to create our own lives with our thoughts. WHen we focus our thoughts on what we want, instead of what we don’t want, the process works equally well. 🙂

  2. Lucia

    I don’t want to spend my life being sad or angry all the time. This is a good post writing.

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