Looking Back To The Past

The path to the past is usually there where you can see it. But trying to spend our energy to travel back there or even to try and live there, doesn't do us a lot of good.

Spending our energy in our days right now in the present moment is a much better use of our energy. We can remember our past, but live in the now.That works. But trying to live in the memories and come back to the present only for a few moments, leaves our lives as dry and dusty as a desert train track.

 The path to the past

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    1. Michael

      Thank you, Kevin. Sometimes we get taught that our pasts are more important than our presents, but that just is not the case. And our hearts know that to be a fact. How smart they are. :-)

    1. Michael

      So true, Nile. Living in the past does not do too much to help our lives which we are living in the present. Sometimes it takes a bit to start looking in teh now instead of the memory banks, but once we do, it is quite an amazing feeling. :-)

    1. Michael

      So right, Jacob. there are lots of good things in our past and we can use those to help us live our lives right in this very moment. A perfect combination.:-)

    1. Michael

      Thank you Laura. :-) I had not heard that quote before, but it sure makes a lot of sense to me. The only time we can ever act or even exist is right now. Doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the past or remember it fondly and it doesn’t mean we can’t make plans. Just means we are doing our living right this minute. That is a wonderful and peaceful idea.

    1. Michael

      Absolutely right Brian. We can learn a lot from the past and use that knowledge to live in the present moment. A good use of the past. Good memories we can bring forward to enjoy, and use those to help create wonderful lives right in this very moment. :-)

  1. Willena Flewelling

    Very true, Michael. Living in the past is also stressful, because of course we can never really go back, and we end up being frustrated or sorrowful over what we wish we could change but can’t. It also makes it hard to see where we ARE going NOW, if we’re viewing life through the rearview mirror instead of the windshield. Double vision is never helpful.

    Willena Flewelling
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    1. Michael

      I like that word picture, Willena. Trying to drive forward while looking in the rearview mirror instead of through the windshield. That is exactly how it is trying to live in the past. Memories can be great, they just are not a substitute for the beauty of living in the present moment. :-)

  2. Stevie Smith

    This is a very nice article Michael. I was once and I am sure the future will once again be tied up with my past. We all know how stressful and unhealthy it is but I just cant resist it. The price for being stubborn and always wanting to hold on the past is nothing compared to what you can have in the present and the future. Its hard to always live in the dark. and I have learned my lesson!
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    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Stevie. The past is a seductive little thing sometimes. Its hard to get away from bringing somethings into the present. I think maybe some memories are really good to enjoy, but there are folks who live the greater part of their lives in the past, and that means they are missing out on how the present looks right now. And the world around us right now is so spectacular. :-)

  3. Aidan Gibson

    I certainly agree Michael. And this is something that people should listen to and realize. Living in the past will only keep you manifesting past experiences. We must live in the present and aim forward.

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    1. Michael

      You are so right, Aidan. That kind of past focus causes us to miss out on so much that is happening in the present moment. This now is the time we are living in. Memories can be great, i have some wonderful ones, but trying to live them as anything but memories doesn’t work so well. :-)

    1. Michael

      So true, Lynn. the past is good for helping us remember stuff, but for doing thins, right now is all there is. Good thing too, can you imagine what life would be like if we really lived in two different times at once. :-)

    1. Michael

      Thank you Kyle, for your kind words. You’re right, we can see that path right there in front of us if we turn ourselves around to look behind us. So much easier to spend our time on the now and look where we are going into the future. :-)

    1. Michael

      So true, Stevie, our past does help us to live in the future. Lots of great lessons and understandings there. And having a healthy regard for the past does indeed help us live our lives in the present. :-)

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