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Here is an example of the type of message we send out. Short, cool, and the kind of thing that makes you think a little bit. :-)


. sample alol email .


If you have been on the internet for while, you might be familiar with Mike Dooley over at Tut.com or the Facebook updates that Louise Hay sends out. Or maybe you have seen some of Brain Andreas' work over at the Story People. The emails that you will be getting from A Life of Light are kind of like a combination of all of those. We look for a great idea and then figure out how to put it into a small amount of words. Usually there is a PS. And sometime a PPS with a link to something else cool on the internet. And sometimes not. Not long, not too fancy, but with a nice idea for the day, to get you started each day. Here is another example.


. sample-alol-email2.And we'll do that everyday, Monday through Friday, as long as you keep your subscription. If that sounds OK with you, then sign up to get yours each day. Sorry, almost forgot. A cool free thing just for signing up. We'll send you a collection of previous emails we call The Best of ALOL. It comes in PDF form, so you can download it and start reading some more messages right away. Then you'll start getting messages each day Monday through Friday in your inbox.




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  3. Aline

    Thank you so much! Every morning I enjoy your mail! It’s uplifting, inspiring. And it really brings each day a little more light in my life.

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    I will make sure to bookmark your site it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks again for the post. I’ll definitely be returning.

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