Life Is Not Hard

A Hard Problem

A Hard Situation

There is no rule that says it has to be hard.

Well, OK, there might be a rule, but it is only a rule that people made up so that they can tell it to other people who they want to make believe that it is hard.

Say what? Boy, if that’s not convoluted, I don’t know what is.

Maybe looking at it step by step might be better.

The Steps To Belief

  • Step 1 - Someone comes across the idea  that something is hard to do or hard to get.
  • Step 2 – That person really, really, really works hard to get what they want, and they get it.
  • Step 3 – That person starts believing that since working hard worked for them, that working hard must be the way anybody gets anything they want.
  • Step 4 – That person teaches someone else their honest belief about it being hard. And that second person works hard and gets some results.
  • Step 5 – That second person teaches a third person and then a fourth person and on and on until you wind up with an entire society built on the belief that life is hard. And because it is that way, you and me and everybody else has to work hard to get what they want.

Sounds pretty simple, and after a while, hardly anyone even considers a different point of view other than it has to be hard. This is actually the way a lot of people think. The idea appears worded in various ways.

Popular Ideas About Hard Work

  • Keep your nose to the grindstone
  • No pain no gain
  • Genius is 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent inspiration

The list of ways this idea about it being hard is worded is almost endless. And lots of people believe that the idea is true.

And you know what? It is true – as far as they are concerned. And seeing as how it’s their life, and they are in charge of their life, they can believe that if they want to.

vanilla ice cream cone

Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream

Consider for a moment, vanilla ice cream. And let’s use that example in an analogy for it has to be hard. So vanilla ice cream = the belief that it has to be hard. Let’s go through the steps again a little differently because we are using vanilla ice cream this time.

  • Step 1 – A person eats some vanilla ice cream. They like it, it tastes good and they really enjoy their treat.
  • Step 2 – As a matter of fact, they enjoy vanilla ice cream so much that they buy a membership in the vanilla ice cream of the month club. Every month an assortment of containers of vanilla ice cream shows up at their house. Vanilla in a blue box. Vanilla ice cream on a stick. Vanilla ice cream from Portugal. And on and on and on - and only vanilla ice cream.
  • Step 3 - This person starts believing that since eating vanilla ice cream brings them so much happiness, and it is obvious that their world is completed only with vanilla ice cream, that this must be the only ice cream that exists. Otherwise, how would it bring so much happiness?
  • Step 4 – That person brings their friend to the ice cream store and buys them some vanilla ice cream, shows them how to eat it to get maximum enjoyment from every drop, every liquid morsel of vanilla goodness. How to clean their bowl so no ice cream is left over. How to get the bowl ready for the next gallon of ice cream and even shows them how to sign up for the vanilla ice cream of the month club.
  • Step 5 – That person tells their friends about the wonders of vanilla ice cream. How good and tasty that frosty bowl of chilly goodness is. In turn they introduce their friends to the world of only vanilla ice cream and pretty soon, the society they live in has enshrined vanilla ice cram as the way life has to be.

This is a made up example about vanilla ice cream. Everybody knows there are many more flavors of ice cream besides vanilla and those flavors are just as good as vanilla to a lot of people.

sundae with vanilla ice cream

Sundae With Vanilla Ice Cream

So why would someone think that vanilla ice cream was the way it has to be, when all it ever was in the first place was a choice. Vanilla ice cream was someone’s personal preference. There was no rule about vanilla having to be the only way to have an ice cream treat.

When it comes to things being hard – like if it’s good, you have to work hard to get it – that is also just a personal choice. There are many ways to get what you want, and the only way that involves hard work, is believing that you have to work hard to get what you want.

If, on the other hand, you went through life believing that your choice in all things determines what you get, you can choose to believe that you get things you want by thinking it is easy to get them.

And all that would be, would be a personal choice.  Now it could be that you would be doing the exact same things to get what you want as somebody who believes that it has to be hard to get what you want, but you would not be working hard.

You would just be enjoying your life and getting what you think about and take some action on.

But for sure, it does not have to be hard.


8 Comments on “Life Is Not Hard”

  1. Thomas Miller

    It’s as easy or as hard as you believe it to be. Your belief is often based upon what you need to believe to confirm your perception of the world – if you believe it to be a cold, hard, place, it will be – your achievements will be the result of hard struggle. If you believe it to be an array of opportunities from which you just choose those you’d like to have, it will be that and you will get your achievements in a fashion similar to going through the cafeteria line. There is no struggle involved, you just pay the price for what you chose and enjoy the results. Simple, really!

    1. Michael

      Thank you, Thomas for your comment. It is exactly like this. Just like a cafeteria with an array of dishes and you get to pick what you want. For some reason, there are people who like to struggle, and that is a valid choice for them. But not for everyone.

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