A Life Of Gratitude

We are all taught to say think you for what we are given. It is a nice tradition and a part of the world of rules of polite society. Say "please" when we want something and say "thank you" when we receive it.

But the idea that we need to be taught to say thank you in a particular situation or in specific way is amiss in its shallowness, as if all there is to the process is "saying" Thank you. Its not a bad simulation of what is an authentic feeling of gratitude, but the words are only what we hear on the surface.

In our hearts, we know when we are grateful, and it is this peace of understanding this feeling that warms our hearts and brightens our faces. We all know what to do and say and feel at the right times, just once in a while it takesĀ  a little reminder that we are always connected.

Deva Premal is one of my favorite singers. And this is beautiful.


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