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True enough, A Life Of Light is about positivity and positive thinking, metaphysical ideas made simple and a view of reality that kindness and love are the building blocks of the world.

And then there is the idea of paying it forward. We didn't invent that here, but it certainly fits in perfectly with what we talk about and do. So we found this excellent video on YouTube that shows in just a few minutes how awesomely powerful this simple idea can be.

The Kindness Boomerang video from the LifeVest Inside organization founded by Orly Wahba, is one of those videos that we just love to watch over and over again. Right now it is up over 12 million views and while all of those are not ours, a substantial portion of them are.

There's something simple and quiet about the setting, the actors and the idea. Its real life in action, the way real people are inside. That's what makes the video so touching, it is real in a true and profound way.

Please take a moment to watch. You might even find yourself humming the song to yourself the rest of the day. Not that we're talking from personal experience or anything here.

I like this video and if you do too, please leave a comment saying why you liked it.

12 Comments on “Pay It Forward Kindness Boomerang Video”

  1. Chacho

    I visited many sites about positivity and motivation but this is one of the best and I really like this video.

  2. Roberto

    These are actually great ideas in this video, paying it forward is a great way to live. Thank you for sharing this.

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