It’s Too Late Baby

The World Is Over

The World Is Over As You Knew it

The world as you knew it is over, and it’s not coming back.

Lots of times you hear people say this like it is some kind of pronouncement of doom and horror. Like zombies are all going to take over the world and our life is going to end.

I don’t think the zombies are coming anytime soon, but the world has ended as you knew it for sure.

That’s true because anything other than the moment you are living in right now is over and done with because it is in the past. Or has not happened yet because it is in the future.
The only time you can live in is the present moment.

And life is really a series of present moments connected together in a way that makes it appear to be a seamless experience. Since time is always moving, it is true that your experience is seamless, but it is also true that we remember things mostly as static events. As little moments caught in time to be dissected and thought upon and remembered as the good old days or whatever words we put on them to make them seem real.

But the past is only composed of your memories. It is not happening at this very moment. Only the moment that is happening right now is happening right now.

And there is not much you can do about that.

Big But

That is a really big but.

There are a ton of people who think the past is now and are determined to live in that past, even though it is quite impossible to do. You might think that since so many try to do this that they think their lives must have been better in the past than they are now. But many of them don’t think that at all.

The sheer number of people who want to make sure they don’t forget the past because it was so horrible is enormous. Way more than the people who think the past was ever so much better.

So not only is it impossible to relive the past, the past so many people insisting on reliving was terrible. It just can’t be done. The past is firmly entrenched back there and is not moving into the present anytime soon.

So what happens is that tons of people exert tremendous amounts of energy in an effort to move something which cannot be moved. Trying to do something impossible is hard enough, but trying to move the past into the present leaves no energy to live right now. And that is a real problem for many people.

This creates huge mountains of resentment, anger, difficulties in dealing with everyday life, and in general makes for a really awful day. But because some people are so determined to fix the past, they are certain by gumbo, that if they simply spend more and more of their life energy on fixing the past, that it will get better.

This conversational anecdote kind of illustrates that point.

Police Officer: Hey, little boy, what are you doing down on the ground on your hands and knees?
Little boy: I am looking for the 5 dollar bill I dropped.
Police Officer: Oh, OK, whereabouts did you drop it.
Little Boy: Over on 8th street.
Police Officer: But this is 6th street.
Little Boy: I know, but the light is better here.

The odds are nonexistent that the little boy is ever going to find his dollar where he is looking for it. But he is still trying to find it there with no success.

The odds are nonexistent that you are going to live a great life in the present by trying to bring the past into the present to fix it. So stop trying.

Live your life now. You are a different, wiser, smarter person now with ever so much more experience. You do not need to spend your energy in trying to bring the past up into the present.



Use your energy in the here and now. That is what the energy was made for.

Have a great day today.


6 Comments on “It’s Too Late Baby”

    1. Michael

      @ Bette

      Thank you for wrting. Tha is a really nice thing to say 🙂 I am very glad that you like the emails, they are a great part of my life.

    1. Michael

      @ Susan, Thank you for you very kind words. I am glad you like the notes. I really enjoy writing them. 🙂

  1. Rogerio

    I’m OK with living in the present moment, but what do I do when everybody around me wants me to stay stuck in remembering what life was like back then

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