Its All The Same


Yum, Yum, Yum

Ice cream comes in many different flavors. And submarine sandwiches can come in an almost limitless variety.  Lollipops, those hard crunchy sugary delights form our youth, come in a rainbow of colors and flavors.

Wishes and dreams and intentions all come in a veritable plethora of differences all depending on who is sending those wishes and dreams and hopes out into the Universe.

And there are a lot of different kinds of dogs, and cats, and birds. Many different kinds of shoes, hats, belts, socks and swimwear.



Variety is the Spice Of Life

Lots of species of trees, plants, insects and mammals.

In short there is a lot of variety about lots of things in the Universe.

So if that is the case, then how come the title of this weekend edition is Its All The Same?

Good question.

Here is how it works a lot of times with variety.

We tend to choose with our physical senses. Nothing wrong with that, part of the excitement of life comes from having a great variety of ideas and cool things to choose from. So we see different colors of paint and try to decide which is going to look better in that hall bathroom.

ice cream cone

So Many Choices

Or we go to the ice cream shop and stand in line while we try to quickly scan the offerings and imagine which is going to taste the best to us right then and there. Or maybe we walk through the shoe department at the store looking at all the empty shoes sitting there each beckoning in its own special way.

And what happens is that because we tend to live our lives through our physical senses, is that we come to regard that as the “real” world and the “true” world and we accept the idea in our lives that there are a lot of true differences between things. And we act as if that is the way things really are.

We learn to see the differences between things, or taste them, or hear them or feel them or smell the difference.

And lots of times this idea helps us out during the course of the day. I mean if you want a hot dog with yellow mustard on it and you wind up with one with deli mustard with horseradish, you are not going to be all that happy with your lunch. So there is something to be said for differences and how they help us out. Those are preferences and are part of our lives here in the physical world.

And sometimes differences can be a lot of fun.

But other times, seeing the differences between things does not help us out so much.
Because for a lot of the time, it’s really all the same.

California New York

California or New York

Say, for instance, the difference between people who live in California and people who live in New York. At first, you might look at their behavior or the food they eat or the accents they have and conclude that there really are a lot of differences between these two groups of people.

But with just at little bit of thinking and searching and a little bit of scratching the surface appearance, you find that for the most part, Californians and New Yorkers are pretty much the same.

They worry about the same things, they go to the store to buy groceries, they drive in their cars instead of walking more, they love their children and treat their parents well (sometimes, anyway). They love, they live, they breathe, they dream in ways that it would be difficult for anyone to differentiate unless you knew ahead of time who was from where.

For Most Things It's Hard To See Any Differences

In fact, once you look around a bit at how people think and feel and act, it is pretty hard to tell whether they are from Kentucky or Singapore. Sure they might have different accents and eat different foods, but they still think more alike about important tissues in life than they think differently.

energy heart

The Universe Sees Us As All Light

As far as the Universe goes, there is virtually no difference between anybody anywhere. The light of Universe shines equally on all, and the spirit of life lies in the hearts of everyone. And those are the parts that count. Those are the parts that make it easy to love someone you have never met before. Those are the parts that communicate through shining eyes searching for that acknowledge that you and somebody else are kin.

We all really do understand the difference between difference and same. We are taught that from a very early age. And we know inside of us when it doesn’t make any difference when it’s the same or different.

Wow, those words sound kind of cryptic, huh?

What it really means is simple though. We are all born with the understanding that we are all really the same. Different parts of the same ocean of spirit. One person an eddy off the coast of Gibraltar and the other a tide pool in La Jolla, but the same ocean of spirit nonetheless.

And we know when it’s OK to make choices to be different. You might like to wear yellow socks and I might like to eat peanut butter with a spoon out of the jar for a midnight snack. And we know those are personal choices.

All of which we are free to make and have fun with.

But the spirit in everyone, in truth, it’s all the same. And we wouldn’t really rather have it any other way.


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