Interview by Hugh Liddle

Things have been changing around the ALOL Headquarters and during that changing time, we've been on hiatus here at Because we live in a world of always now, it's not like everything else stood still <sigh>.

So we're in catchup mode as best we can be now.

One of the first things to catch up on is the interview Michael did with the dashing and eloquent Hugh Liddle of RedCapSalesCoaching.

The interview was via Hugh's Blog Talk Radio channel and here is how Hugh was kind enough to introduce Michael on his site.

Our guest tonight is author and "Mr. Positive Thinking", Michael Shook.  Michael's mission in life is to bring as much positivity as possible to the internet...and to a world where so much negativity exists.

His daily email program "A Life of Light" is one of the emails I really look forward to.  It starts every day off on the right foot -- a positive, upbeat message.

Join us as we talk with Michael about how we can change our lives, our businesses and our sales through a change from negative to positive thinking in our lives.

Michael has authored a brand new book titled "The Little Blue Pencil (and other stories)" available now on

If you'd like to listen to the interview, just click the play button right on Michael's face below :-).


New Business Internet Radio with Sales Coaching Chalk Talk on BlogTalkRadio


Thank you Hugh For all your kind words and thank you for doing this interview.

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