I Wish My Teacher Knew

I wish my teacher knew

I wish my teacher knew.

The internet is a wonderful place full of fun and information and funny pictures of cats.

But even though the web provides us the opportunity to access almost incomprehensible amounts of information, we still filter that information through our own experiences. Lots of times we wind up thinking that everyone in the world experiences life the way we do.
But that is just not the case.

Recently, a story about a 3rd grade teacher in Denver, Kyle Schwartz, has been circulating on the internet, TV, radio and almost everywhere we are tuned into and connected with.

In class, Ms. Schwartz gave each of her kids a Post it note and asked them to complete this sentence:

“I wish my teacher knew . . .

The responses she got back from this simple exercise were funny, poignant and heart-wrenching at the same time.

The kids in her 3rd grade classrooms wrote their answers, from their hearts and their words drove directly into our own hearts when we read them.

Of course, there are some responses like:

I wish my teacher knew she gives too much homework.

But there were also answers like:

I wish my teacher knew I don’t have any pencils at home to do my homework with


I wish my teacher knew how much I miss my Dad because he got deported when I was a baby and I haven’t seen him for six years


I wish my teacher knew how afraid I get when there is so much pressure during tests


I wish my teacher knew that I am pretty hungry most of the time

This is an internet phenomenon right now, and by next week it will be just a footnote in our Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, but the ideas, and the circumstances and the kids and the reality and the honesty will not be going anywhere.

All those things will be the same.

So what can you do right now to touch someone’s life today; in this same kind spirit?

Ask a question and listen to the response. Attention is the most important thing you can ever pay another person.

If someone has a token of their love for you, accept it, the real world is built of love.

If you have a choice as to whether to speak kindly or in some other way, choose kindly, your heart wants to do this anyway, allow that emotion to fill your words.

Accept yourself for who you are right now, if you want to change, do it, but don’t beat yourself up to make yourself feel bad, you don’t need that sorrow in your life.

There are literally thousands of ways you could let your true heart of love and honesty beam out into the world; so spend some time today, like those kids did in that 3rd grade classroom in Denver and let the world see you as you truly are – a spark of the Divine Spirit.

You already live life that way inside, why not show the world you know this as a truth.


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