How Tough Could It Be?


One Tough Bear

Well, for many people, it can be pretty tough.

Not they want it that way, but that they are convinced that it is that way. As a matter of fact, they have heard their entire lives that it is tough, that it’s hard, that fighting your way through is the only worthwhile way.

It kind of makes you wonder sometimes what is the thing that people are referring to when they are doing all this talking and thinking.

If you talk with them in a casual way, you find out right away that every person has their own idea of what specifically is tough for them.

But if you have an authentic conversation that lasts for more than a couple of minutes, you can get an exact idea about what they think is so hard.

And the answer can be summed up in a single word:



I Think It's Hard

Lots of people think everything is hard, life is just going to get tougher and anything worth anything at all is worth fighting for.

That sounds so dreary, so sad, so exhausting to believe life is supposed to be lived this way. Is it possible this is the right way to live?

Honestly, people live their lives with the understanding that the way they choose to live is the right way. One group of people thinks life is hard. That anything that is good is worth fighting for. They don't understand why anyone could see life differently than the way they do.

In fact, they might even think and even say out loud that if someone is not going to fight for what they think is worthwhile, then maybe that person doesn’t deserve to have anything good at all.

These people point to numerous incidents in their own lives where they decided they were going to fight for something and it seemed like that very thing showed up in their life. So they count that as a success and decide that since fighting obviously worked for them, then OF COURSE, it is going to work for everyone else.

And Then There's These Other Folks

Then there are people who tell you that everything in the universe is out of their own control. That decisions get made in other places by other authorities and then the results of those decisions show up here in their lives.


Nothing Matters, I'm A Loser

You hear these folks saying that no matter how hard they fought against something, no matter how much they tried to not do something, it STILL SHOWED UP just like they were afraid it was going to in the first place.

So their conclusion is that there's no point in wanting anything or fighting for something because they are going to get what they get and nothing they do is going to change that.

And of course, because that has been their personal experience, they cannot imagine how the world could be different to anyone else. They spend their time telling anyone who will listen that nothing is up to the individual, so it doesn’t really matter what you want at all.

But Wait, There's More

And then there is a group of people who is convinced that the entire Universe is designed to bring them what they want. Or more precisely, that the Universe brings them what they are thinking about and that there really is no other way that the world works. They do their best to convince others that this is the way the world is constructed and they point to their own lives as examples of this idea being true.

So what's the deal? Here are three different ideas about how the world works that seem to be in conflict with each other. How can you tell which viewpoint is right and which is wrong? Actually that's pretty easy to tell which is correct and which are wrong.

They All Are

They are all right and they are all wrong. The difference lies in a very small (or big) idea.

Personal perception

Say, for instance, that you're a person who believes that the only things in life worth getting are the ones you have to fight for. You believe in a limited supply of good things and that if somebody else has something good that leaves less of it for you.


Fighting Is The Only Way

Interestingly, that kind of viewpoint tends to bring you experiences that fit that model really well. Your life becomes a series of battles. All your energy is given over to competition so that you can get more than anyone else.It seems like the minute you let your guard down, someone comes along to try to take yours away from you.

And since that is your truth, this way of thinking must be correct.

nothing matters

Nothing Really Matters

Or maybe you're convinced that nothing you do makes any difference in your life. That all the good things and the bad things are given out according to the luck of the draw and that no matter how hard you fight for something you'll never get anything more than what "life" has decided you are going to get.

The best you can hope for is to learn to live with the hand you are dealt because it really doesn't matter anyway.

The interesting part is, if you believe this way, this becomes correct. Life is a crap shoot, with the odds stacked against you and you wind up losing most of the time. And you can't see why anyone would ever believe any other way.

But wait a minute, what if your ideas in life are more like those of that third group of people?


Cue The Music, Carl

Cue the dramatic music, Carl. (He’s the sound guy)

The third group of folks believes that what they think about comes true for them. Now truthfully there is a bit more to it than just having a random thought show up on your doorstep every time you have one of those. Good thing too, can you imagine what your house would look like if the results of every single thing you ever thought of was lying in your living room when you got home from work?

But consistent thoughts that have strong emotion attached to them; do those show up? Oh yeah.

Up close and personal and the more you think and the more emotion you invest into those thoughts, the quicker and the stronger those results show up.

Now, let’s look back to review and make some sense of these ideas.

The folks who think that fighting is the way the world runs are convinced of that. They know it in their hearts, they're passionate about it and the first thing that happens when they want something is that they start thinking of all the obstacles they need to fight through in order to get their goal.

The result, of course, is that they get more opportunities to fight, and for them, this is the correct way to live.

The people who think that nothing they do ever makes a difference in their lives, whose hearts have been broken so many times into so many pieces that they think nothing is worth caring about; they "know" that the best they can hope for is that it won’t be too bad this time. That they won’t lose too much money, or this relationship will last a little longer than the last one, they are right too.

Their thoughts of sadness and dreariness become reality for them. Their world turns out to be exactly how they expect.

The third group, the ones who understand they create their own world through the power of their thoughts. Well, of course, that is what shows up in their lives.

So the answer to the original question - How tough could it be? Is simply - as tough as you believe its going to be.

The good news is that you can change the way you think and how you perceive your life and the entire world.

So if you're living a life you don’t really care for anymore, if you want something better, it is definitely worth taking the time to change the way you think.

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12 Comments on “How Tough Could It Be?”

  1. Debi

    This post is right on target with where I need to be today… AGAIN! Thank you for laying it out so beautifully. The synchronicity amazes me, as my meditation this morning was focused on changing my default story. Without consistent practice, I find my “soundtrack” going back to “it’s so hard”, “I have so much on my plate”, “I’m exhausted and can’t keep up”… and just this morning I had decided to stop saying these things in my head and to others. I excitedly made an agreement with myself to see what would happen if I started saying I had lots of down time with my children and I get everything done with ease : ) Thank you for another great post!

    1. Michael

      Hi Debi, Thank you for taking the time to comment here. Synchronicity is one of those things that always seems to come along at the right time. 🙂 The number of times I have seen this idea show up in my life is quite amazing. Sometimes I think it might even be the way the Universe runs all the time, but i only see it that way sometimes. I think you are right, we are taught that things are tough, and we are taought that from a very early age. ALmost as if somebody want to keep the easiness of the world away from us. I don’t believe that is true, but it seems like that sometimes. Replacing our running current of icky thoughts with great ones takes some time but is so worth doing.

  2. Susan

    Simple idea…yet so difficult at the same time. The difficult part is letting go of what one has been taught…true or not for ourselves, but definitely true for our parents. And because we love our parents, we don’t want to disappoint them. The truth is that our parents want us to be happy. This is a new time, things have changed, and what we do with this new info is up to us. I now choose to put out there what I want. And if I didn’t believe it worked before, I surely do now, because out of seemingly nowhere this week, I received a gift from the Universe that said YES!! KEEP GOING, YOU’RE DOING GREAT! I am so thankful for these notes, and am sending Blessings to you.

    1. Michael

      Susan, thank you for your comments and your kind words. It does seem difficult sometimes letting go of thigns we have been taught, especially when those things were taught to us by people we loved and admired. But they were taught those things by people they loved and admired as well. It is a new time and thigns have changed. And in many places people are realizing the sheer power of choice they have in their lives. That is so cool that you received sucha great Gift From The Universe and that you knew the meaning behind it. Blessings back to you. 🙂

  3. Maria

    This post was synchronous for me too–I was thinking along these lines yesterday and this morning, and then read this post this evening. I love knowing about the Law of Attraction and how my life experiences come to me. It is so empowering and, well, just plain cool. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Someteimes it is hard to believe that your life is made up of the things you think about, especially when you put some strong emotion into those thoughts. But then, it’s like one day you see a little proof of how this works and you start to look for more. And then pretty soon you see it everywhere and wonder how you ever thought any different. At least that ‘s how I find it to be. Thank you for writing, Maria. I hope your day and evening are going great for you. Yes, I agree 150,000 percent it is just plain cool. 😀

  4. Karri

    I didn’t used to understand how everyone could be right about something when what they thought was different from each other. I understand better now.

    1. Michael

      We all have our own viewpoints which are true for us. Sometimes they match up with the viewpoints of others, sometimes, not so much. But it is still our own personal viewpoint which counts most of all for each of us.

  5. Sondra

    I love the idea that I am in charge of my life whenever I want I can make a different decision.

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