This is Jena

This is her confidence story.

Jena is a happy, gentle, positive person. But more than anything else, Jena is confident.

This picture was taken by her boyfriend, Dan. Also a happy confident person. They are on the shore in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina the day before the totality of the solar eclipse in the US that passed over this spot where the photo was taken.

Jena is not only confident, but determined. Two qualities that go well together.

A month before the eclipse she told Dan she wanted to be somewhere in the totality zone because she wanted to experience this once in a lifetime event.

Dan did not want to go. He didn’t want to take the time off of work and he couldn’t afford the plane tickets from their home in upstate New York.

But Jena was confident they would see the eclipse.

She bought two tickets on a flight to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the perfect spot to see the eclipse. When she met Dan after work, she showed him her surprise. Like it or not, Dan knew he was going to South Carolina after work on Friday night.

2 hours before their plane was to take off, the flight was cancelled.

But Jena was confident they would see the eclipse.

She called her sister asking for help and her sister found the very last two tickets in existence on a plane leaving the next day. The only problem was the flight would land 90 miles away from their where they needed to be.

But Jena was confident they would see the eclipse.

The next day they drove to a tiny upstate New York airport and flew to South Carolina. When they landed they went to rent a car. The clerk told them, “That will be 465 dollars for three days.”

They didn't have the money. So Dan called his Mom back in New York and she agreed to pay for the rental. They walked back to the counter. “Sorry,” the clerk told them, we just rented the last 3 cars.”

They were stuck 90 miles from their destination, with no car and almost no money.

But Jena was confident they would see the eclipse.

Then they had an idea. Maybe they could they take an Uber to Myrtle Beach to see the eclipse.

They arranged for an Uber to come pick them up and the driver told them, “Sorry, you cannot take an Uber all the way to Myrtle Beach. But . . .

... you can take more than one Uber and each of us can get you part way there.

So after three consecutive Uber rides, (and only 80 dollars spent) Jena and Dan arrived in Myrtle Beach to see one of the most singular events of their lives.

This picture was taken right after they arrived.

Jena’s confidence paid off.

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