How To Change Your Money Mindset

How To Change your Money Mindset

Recently, I had the opportunity to write a guest post on the website run by my online friend Steven Aitchison. He is a good guy doing good work in the world, and I really appreciated the opportunity to share some ideas with his readers and the internet as a whole.

The post I wrote was about one of my favorite topics – manifesting. In this case, it was about manifesting money and how to change your money mindset in 60 seconds or less using 5 quick steps.

In the article I listed some common worries that many people share about money, wealth and abundance, then I gave 5 quick techniques anyone can use to change how they think about money.

And since we know for certain that all change begins at the level of thought, here are those common ideas about not having enough money.

  • There’s never enough money.
  • Abundance affirmations can’t really work.
  • Should I say prosperity? Wealth? Abundance?
  • Do I deserve more?
  • Is it OK to want to be rich?

There are plenty of other ideas about scarcity and belief in deserving more, but these are some of the most common ideas.

Then I went on to list 5 techniques you could use to start changing your thoughts about money in a minute or less.

5 Quick Tips To Change your Money Mindset

Burn your map – get rid of all your old ideas with a short simple process

Cut some corners – that is, be willing to go outside the boundaries of your traditions when it comes to your money mindset

Lose your big but – stop filling your inner and outer conversation with phrases like, “I know manifesting works for others, BUT . . ., saying words like these take all the power out of your desired intentions.

Do some shots – in this case not tequila, but quick powerful affirmations that can change your thinking in a hurry.

Forget about it – letting the past stay in the past where it belongs and concentrating on the present where real change takes place.

That is just an awesome short version of the article, to read the post in its entirety (which is even awesomer), please click here and visit guided minds.

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  1. Dylan

    This is a great article on how to change not just your attitude towards money but your whole life. thank you.

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