How To Change Your Habitual Thoughts and Thinking Patterns

Controversial thought patterns ahead

If you want to change habitual thoughts, there is good news and bad news.

The good news is that almost anyone with the desire to really make a significant change in their thinking can be successful.

The bad news is that nobody can change their old thoughts.

Let’s take care of the bad news right away and explain about why you can't change old thoughts.

The reason you can’t change your old thoughts is because they are in the past. And no matter how many science fiction books, movies and TV programs there are that focus on time travel, it is not a reality.

You cannot go back in time to change those old thoughts; so let that idea go so you can start working on the good news that you can absolutely break those old thinking patterns and create the life you want more of.

This is the kind of life that helps you leap out of bed in the morning ready for fun and adventure instead of mashing the snooze alarm 4 or 5 times while you’re hiding under the blankets trying to talk yourself into getting up to face the day.

Fortunately, it is a relatively simple task to change your thought patterns. And we’ll show you some simple things you can do to break those old thinking patterns and establish some new ones.

Usually, when people want to change their thought patterns, it is because they have the idea that their old patterns are more negative and they are looking for new more positive thinking habits.

New Positive Thinking Habits

Truthfully, it is much easier to start new thinking patterns that suit you better, than to try and change the old ones. So that is what we’ll concentrate on here – developing new patterns of positive thoughts.

Then you can take your new patterns of thinking and use those instead of your old ones. For a while, you will probably slip back into your old way of thinking, but all that means is that you now have the ability to choose and you won’t need to rely on those old ways of thinking.

How To Create New Ways Of Thinking Using The Five Steps To Freedom

The 5 Steps To Freedom method is one of the simplest ways to change your old thinking patterns, or more precisely, to let go of your old ways of thinking and develop new ones instead.

To show the 5 steps, we’ll use a particular example as an analogy but the steps can work for any way of thinking to produce the new result you are looking for.

What happens many times is that we have been thinking in a particular way for so long that we forget our minds are super strong creative powerhouses we can use to create what we want in our lives. And if you have been stuck with a negative thinking pattern for a while, today is the day to start something new and more positive.

Fair Warning

The steps to this new thinking pattern are simple, but you might meet with some resistant thoughts. Keep going, it is only the voice of your old habits whining about being replaced.

 5 Steps To Freedom Method

Step 1 – Clearly identify what you want.

For instance, if what you want is a more positive outlook on life, pick a particular situation in which a positive outlook would help you. Perhaps a situation you thought more negatively about before.

Many people want to see more positive results in their finances or their relationships or even in the amount of success they are having in their lives. So for example, if you wanted to have more money in your life, you could pick a way in which your life would be better if you had more money. See that situation clearly in your mind, not the old way where you did not have enough money, but your new way of living where you had plenty of money to accomplish what you wanted to do.

Step 2 – Figure out where you are right now.

If you don’t have enough money to get what you want, you start with that. You don’t need to dwell on it, you don’t need to beat yourself up or get angry, all you need to do is see where you are right now in terms of your finances.

There is always a certain amount of emotion attached to not having enough money, but truthfully, once you see clearly where you are right now, your changes are going to be much easier to make.

Step 3 – Choose 3 things you could do to change

Now that you know where you want to be, and where you are right now, it is time to choose 3 things you could do to change your circumstances. These do not have to be things like go to med school to become a doctor; it is actually better to choose things you can accomplish in a short amount of time.

Continuing with our example of changing how you think about money so you can have more in your life, one thing changing how you spend money. Or researching creating an online business for yourself. Or looking around at your work to see if there is another position you might be able to get that would pay more.

Step 4 – Pick one of those ideas from step 3 and start doing it.

This is where 2 things are going to happen. The first is that resistance is going to come up. This could be in the form of thoughts telling you that this is a silly idea, or even something happening in the physical world to prevent you from going on. This happens, it is just a fact of how life works sometimes.

But the other thing that happens (which is absolutely awesome) is that when you make that decision to keep on going with this very first thing to do, the world will line up to help you in ways you never would have anticipated.

There is no way to explain this from a regular everyday point of view, but it happens this way all the time that astonishing things happen when you start. And the biggest thing about this Step 4 is to KEEP ON GOING.

Step 5 – Confirm your success with step 4.

Doing this makes an enormous difference in helping you make the change from your old thinking pattern to thinking in your new way. When you are done with step 4, congratulate yourself. This could be a gold star, a checkmark on a list, a special drink from the coffee shop, virtually anything. The important thing is to recognize that you have started your change and to give yourself a pat on the back for doing so.

At this point, after you complete one of the ideas from step 3, it is possible that you will see the necessity to select something different for one of your three ideas. This means you are already beginning to think differently - in a new and much more positive way.

Changing your old way of thinking and letting go of those habitual thought patterns can seem daunting when you first start out.

But it’s important to begin.

And with a little bit of guidance, you can let go of that stuck feeling and make the changes you want in your life.

For some help in getting a jumpstart in changing your habitual thinking patterns


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11 Comments on “How To Change Your Habitual Thoughts and Thinking Patterns”

  1. Marie

    I never realized how simple this was. I guess it might take some doing to change, but the ideas you wrote here seem simple enought to follow. TY

  2. Daniel Sonne

    I’m trying to reenact ancient cultures and worldviews, as well as their patterns of thought. it is a bit hard but is also gives much to us in return.

    1. Michael

      What a great idea, I have found much to learn in the thinking patterns of other cultures, both modern and far away in linear time.

    1. Michael

      We all feel lost sometimes, but we’re not. Although sometimes we need to let go of what we think is the ‘right” way to do things. And find out the way that works for us.

    1. Michael

      Change does take some doing. Its more at the beginning though, when you need to spend more of your energy on keeping your change in place. Lots of people have done this and there’s no reason why you can’t too.

    2. Michael

      Change does take some doing. Its more at the beginning though, when you need to spend more of your energy on keeping your change in place. Lots of people have done this and there’s no reason why you can’t too.

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