How To Build Your Self Confidence Fast

making a list is a simple self confidence tip

Words count.

Frankly, they count a whole lot.

And words that you write down, to celebrate a success, to stir the heart of a loved one, to explain what is going on in your life count the most.

We all learned this back in the day in school when assignments were not considered to be accomplished until they were on paper and handed in. no matter how many times a student protests to the teacher that “But I did do the assignment, I just forgot to bring it to school” that did not count.

So bit by bit we learned that when something is written down especially when we ourselves did the writing, those words counted.

When you make a list of things you have accomplished in your life, you are making a statement about how much those things count to you.

Your Opinion About You Counts

In truth, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your list; your opinion is what counts.

When you want to build up your own self-confidence, your sense of self-esteem, it is you and only you who decides what counts.

If you made a home run one day playing kickball in the school yard and you felt good about that, put that down on your list. If you won the heart of your beloved over your competitors and you feel good about that, put that on your list.

The only caveat about making this list is that you don’t add any words to diminish how you feel. Making this list is all about helping you feel good and appreciate your successes.

So that means leaving off anything like, “Got a promotion at work (but it was probably because I’ve been there so long, not for anything good I did) and simply sticking with, “Got a promotion at work!!!”

It's Easy When You Get Started

easy steps to self confidenceThe funny thing is that when you start thinking about items to put on your success list, ideas might be few and far between. But when you get going and start deliberately searching through your memories for items to add, it will become hard to stop finding them.

That’s why we make a cap of 10 items on the list. Not because we have only 10 items to put on there, but so we can make our way to the next self confidence tip.

Making a list of success you have accomplished in your life is a great way to begin your journey to build your self-confidence.

If you want to increase your progress even more, consider signing up for our online course: The Course In Self Confidence.

There you will discover even more ways to boost your self-confidence and self esteem.



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