How To Become More Self Confident

pay attention self confidence tip

Pay attention.

Pay attention to what you’re doing.

Pay attention to what you’re doing in the present moment.

The idea of paying attention what you are eating is so simple. And its amazing how often we don’t do this.

The truth is, we live in a world packed full of attention seekers. Not just people, but the TV, the phone, the internet, the radio, podcasts, all begging for our attention – all day – every day.

This creates days packed full of information trying desperately to stream into our lives. So much information so often that our cars and other transportation become places where we wolf down our meals while listening to the radio, while talking with our friends all at the same time we are driving.

Wow, talk about input overload. We are always in a hurry and we never catch up. This leaves a strong feeling of dissatisfaction in our hearts. It’s like no matter what we do, it’s never enough to keep up, let alone get ahead.

Self Confident People Pay Attention to The Present Moment

The self-confidence tip of paying attention to what we are eating can help you change that. In fact, self-confident people always have plenty of time to do the things that need doing in their lives.

You need to eat. When you make the decision that your mealtime is about enjoying that experience, it is as if you are giving yourself a small vacation from the world of stress that is happening around you.

Self-confident people are willing to rank their needs at least as high as those of others. When you deliberately take time for yourself to slow down and pay attention to what you eat, your thoughts about yourself will change.

Do More In Less Time - The Path To Insanity

Truly, contemporary thought teaches that we need to double and triple set our time. The working lunch, eating while driving to do errands, your boss not wanting you to clock out for meals; these ideas are commonly part and parcel of daily life.

But that’s only because we accepted those ideas as valid. There are plenty of other ideas equally as valid. To become truly self-confident, you need to pay attention to what you are doing and accept the realization that there is plenty of time for doing everything.

And everything absolutely includes enjoying mealtime.

Try This Small Change To Boost Your Self Confidence

self confident people pay attention to what they are doingIf this idea is absolutely foreign to your life right now, try a small version of this to start with. Coffee break.

At an appropriate time in your day, take a coffee break or tea break or whatever beverage you enjoy break. Spend the time doing nothing but enjoying your coffee. Take time to smell its earthy aroma, when you take the first sip, let it linger on your tongue so you can appreciate all the subtle nuances of flavor. Pay attention to the texture of the cup in your hand, the gentle warmth, the kind feeling of refreshment.

Think about how the coffee got to where you are right now. Where the coffee beans were grown and harvested, about the trip they had to take from their tropical location to the roasting plant, the people who work there, or the person who brings the coffee to you.

It doesn’t take a hugely concentrated amount of thinking to make your coffee break a truly unique and very enjoyable experience and all you had to do was pay attention to your beverage.

Just imagine how much more fun it will be to take the time to pay attention to an entire meal.
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4 Comments on “How To Become More Self Confident”

  1. Leo Tat

    Its the first time I have read about the power of now being used for self-confidence. Thinking about it, I believe being present can work because instead of focusing on the past or future and what others think of us, we are immersed in what we are doing now.

    I found out about living in the present several years ago, and am still having to remind myself at times to be present. Its a way of living that need to be practised continuously.
    Leo Tat recently posted..5 Best Magnesium Supplements and Forms to Take With DosagesMy Profile

    1. Michael

      So very true, Leo. It is as if anything can work better by being immersed in the present moment. Our attention is centered in what we are feeling, thinking, and doing right now. Its a seamless experience and is

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