Give Yourself Permission

PermissionOne of the Messages From ALOL which generated the most response was about giving yourself permission. Permission to succeed, permission to choose for yourself, permission to live your life the way you want.

We also got requests for a downloadable graphic version of that message that could be printed out and placed in strategic locations for reminding yourself just who is in charge of your life. You are, of course.  🙂

So we made one. It's done at a resolution above that of regular web graphics, so it ought to print out and look pretty nice. Its about the size of a regular piece of typing paper. You can also download it and keep it on your device to look at when you want.

For most people, all you need to do is left click on the image and you will be taken to a page where you can download and save the poster to your computer.

Here is what the image says and just below is the image itself, all nice and bright looking, ready to be downloaded.



Only you can give it to yourself, only you can withhold it.

It's already yours.

It's not about deserving or being good enough; it's about recognizing your power over your entire life.



If you like this or if you download it, please leave us a comment to let us know.

And here is the image to download. You can left click and you will be taken to the page where you can right click and save the image full size. You can right click and save here, but the image you get is going to be smaller than a full size piece of paper.

give yourself permission to succeed poster


20 Comments on “Give Yourself Permission”

  1. nick catricala

    Hello Michael,
    long time we do not chat and I like to thank you for all your are doing to spread happiness in the world.

    Thanks so much for this extra quote in regard give ourselves permission to be our self at all times.

    You are an Inspiration.
    Thanks for being YOU…
    nick catricala recently posted..Authors PageMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hello Nick,

      It has been a while since we got to chat. I hope you are doing great, and not being too cold yet up there in the north. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, and for spreading happiness and joy around the world. You are such a courteous and kind person. Thank you.

  2. Viv

    Dear Michael
    There are so few people in life today who do things selflessly, you are one of them, thank you for keeping us encouraged, motivated and smiling.
    I always look out for my daily ALOL, and share it where necessary. Thank you for this download, im going to share it with a friend in need.

    Greetings from a rather cold and wintery Cape Town, South Africa.


    1. Michael

      Dear Viv,

      Thank you so very much for your kind words. For thinking in such a positive way and for sharing with your friends. You have completely made my day. 😀

      For me, where I live in the desert in Southern California, winter is when the sun sets at 3:00PM because we live so close to a really tall mountain and the temperature is nearing 60 degrees F. Funny how you get used to such things, though, and that 60 degrees is as cold to us as 10 degrees F is to our friends who live in the northeastern part of the US.

  3. Vidya Sury

    Dear Michael,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love receiving your emails with their wonderful and short messages! They make my day as I go through it, smiling!

    Love, Vidya
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Feeding My SoulMy Profile

  4. Robin

    Thank you, Michael! I plan on sharing this with lots of people who can only benefit from this gentle reminder:-)

  5. Sinamon

    I had never really thought about this idea in this way before, thank you for showing me a different way to think.

  6. Joni

    You mean to say that every one keeps their own permission from themselves. Why would they do that?

    1. Michael

      Well, probably not everyone does. But many people are trained to live within a very narrow set of guidelines. When we give ourselves permission to explore outside those rules, an entirely new world opens up.

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